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Maine Lobster

Besides fried clams, I also love Maine lobster. I am a purest about lobster, don’t overcook them plus just steam them. I have a huge clam/lobster pot that I bought 35 years ago and it works perfectly.



I am not a huge fan of chicken lobsters (about a pound) and usually ask for a 2 pound female. The operative word here it must be a female. 


The two pound girl



Just out of the steamer



Unlike most people, I am not a big claw person. My favorite parts of a lobster are the green stuff  or tomalley (the lobster’s liver or more accurately, its digestive system) , the red stuff  (the roe or the unfertilized eggs of the female), the legs (makes for great sucking), the small chunks of meat inside the carapace or body of the lobster and last but not least the tail meat. Usually, by the time I get to the tail, I am quite full and usually eat half the tail meat and save the claw meat, knuckles and some tail meat for leftovers. Let’s just say that there is absolutely no waste when I eat a lobster.



Gorgeous roe and tomalley



Working on destroying a lobster



Leftovers on a toasted onion roll