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Metropolitan Club, Chestnut Hill

I hate panning restaurants. I honestly try to find the best in a restaurant, not the worst. However, there are certain restaurants that just disappoint. My father lives in Boston so when I visit him we generally go to neighborhood restaurants. He decided that the Metropolitan Club would be perfect for a quiet dinner. Quiet it isn’t. We were definitely the oldest table in the restaurant. This is a “yuppie” hang-out with a major bar scene. Wine is definitely not the favored beverage – cocktails in various hues is the preference for the 30 something crowd.


 My brother and his wife split the traditional Caesar as an appetizer – a wedge of Romaine with crispy onion “strings” and fried croutons.


 Duck Confit Spring Rolls pear duck sauce – this wasn’t awful, but it was more about the wrapper and the vegetables than the duck confit.



 My brother had the Pan Seared Prime Yellow Fin Tuna Steak pickled Asian vegetables, maple soy pepper glaze.  They got a plus for serving the tuna rare, but a minus for the “stringiest” piece of tuna I have ever tasted.



 My sister-in-law had some type of fish (don’t have a clue what it was) with artichoke, a spicy tomato sauce and some yogurt based sauce.



My dad and I split their 38 ounce bone-in Rib Eye – the potato sides with this were greasy and just plain horrible, the Yorkshire Pudding Roll – stale and dry. The steak, fatty and basically tasteless.

Over-all recommendation – don’t bother.