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Petros – Manhattan Beach

A Roving Reporter Report

Visiting good friends in Manhattan Beach is a particular treat because my friend Ted has great taste and dines out very frequently. Last night with his son, Teddy, we went to Petros, a  local Greek restaurant that is especially pleasant and high quality. Text is a bit “thin” as the roving reporter was into the wines and the “scene”…it is a “foreign country” after all, Manhattan Beach…the food was quite good, service excellent and the atmosphere was fun, lively and interesting.  Petros is well worth visiting if you are in the area.

Bean Soup–excellent, lively, hearty, great cold weather soup. I loved it.

Braised Calamari–I just had a bite, very nice, solid flavor.

Feta Salad–looked nice and my friend enjoyed it.

A+ White–great, full bodied, deep clean finish.

B level wine–this one really did not measure up.  My friend and I buy from the same merchants…this was a test bottle…disappointing… thin,weak finish.

A Wine–classic Bordeaux from a chateau we know and love.  My first bottle of Grand Puy-Lacoste was 1966 tasted in 1971.

Pork Chop–my friend loved it…

Lamb Pizza–friend’s son loved it.  He has it all the time.  He did not offer a taste. I would have enjoyed tasting it, next time I’ll order.

Skewers of Lamb–my dish, excellent, all of the rice and yogurt sauce was terrific.

Roving Reporter’s birthday cake

Greek Doughnuts