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John Ashe and Company

We originally had plans to go to La Salette for lunch, but I was worried that I might eat the menu and then be in trouble for our blowout meal at FL that evening.  When we called to cancel our reservation, the woman who answered the phone, said, “Aw shucks, we were really looking forward to you coming.” She didn’t know me from Adam, but she genuinely sounded disappointed.

Our choice as a substitute was John Ashe and Company, primarily because I wouldn’t be impressed by the cuisine and therefore not eat too much. In retrospect, this was weird reasoning, but I didn’t want a repeat performance of when we had lunch at Zuzu and then I wasn’t that hungry for our dinner at the Laundry.

The restaurant is kitschy, almost like a stage set. It is a huge restaurant and seems to be the TOURIST restaurant of the area. The food is safe, middle-of-the-road, edible but ……..

The view

 We had the champagne tasting


Hog Island Oysters on the half shell with a trio of sauces – sweet tomato jam, pink peppercorn mignonette and Meyer lemon granite. The best of the sauces was the last.



Ahi tuna tartare tower, ginger-avocado mousse, honey-miso slaw topped with basil oil and tobiko. This was served with wonton chips. This wasn’t bad – a decent version of tuna tartare, although there was too much slaw in relationship to the tuna.



House-ground tri-tip burger on a poppy-seed crusted brioche bun with Marin Cheese Company Petite Blue, Caramelized Red Onions, River Dog Fries. The fries were greasy. There was way too much bun for the burger and John deep-sixed half of the bun.



Pepper-coated Ahi Sandwich, Braised leeks, Boiled Egg, Kalamata Olive tapenade on Housemade Focaccia Bread. On the side Romaine Lettuce Leaves with Parmesan – a take on Caesar Salad. Again, this was nothing to write home about, but it was food and did the trick of forcing me not to over-eat.