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Enoteca Drago- Beverly Hills

We have loved going to Drago in Santa Monica for years. We have been going to his brother’s restaurant, Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills quite often.  Il Pastaio is always mobbed and Enoteca Drago, right next door, is very, very quiet. Now I know why!

The packed dining room????? Trust me, next door Il Pastaio was hopping.

A white bean puree served ice cold – Val, our server, explained it came right from the refrigerator.

Carpaccio Di Bue – Beef Carpaccio with Foie Gras & Celery – Who oh why was there celery on this plate? 

Breakfast  Pizza – Onion, Mushrooms, Bacon & Eggs – I am imagining a runny yolk. Do you see that pitiful hard one yolk? Where oh where are the caramelized onions? So I ask Val, our server, what is this with the pizza? He sort of shrugs and doesn’t have a clue. 

Carbonara – Spaghetti with Pancetta, Egg & Pecorino Romano Cheese – think Elmer’s Glue – one bite and they take it off our bill

Later, I show Norbeta, the GM. our pitiful pizza and he says that’s not right. He insists that they make another one for take-out.

Second pizza to replace first and to use for take-out – All of a sudden there are caramelized onions and plenty of bacon. The egg is done correctly. I decide the egg won’t be any good in the morning and I am better off making my own egg in the morning. I deep-sixed the egg when I got home,  but at least someone in the kitchen is aware that the first version was a disaster. 

Oh Celestino, this is not the way to run a successful restaurant. I have been a supporter of yours for years and years and years. Entoteca Drago is not even close to what you can do. What a disappointment.