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Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

I was not at this meal, but my husband was. This is his take on Wolfgang’s.

Disappointing is the only word for this meal.  The room is nice, very New York. The service was good and the waiter was experienced, previously he had worked at The Palm  

We were two guys out for a business-social evening and to watch the Laker game.  I had been told that the back room has big TVs and we were set up to sit there.  When I arrived, I was told by the manager that the back room was not open as they did not have that much business and did not have the staff to open it.  Oh well.

I got a table with a good view of the TV’s in the bar.  No sound, but able to see well. (My comment – Laker versus Celtic game was a must see.)

 We started with an assorted seafood platter, certainly “ok” but nothing special.

The shrimp [not pictured as we ate them before I got the shot taken] crab and lobster were fine, but nothing to get excited about.  The cocktail sauce was adequate, but I missed the mayonnaise mustard sauce that is so good at Morton’s.

Seafood Platter                      


Second appetizer of Canadian Bacon that was touted as fabulous was very good with great flavor. However,  it was a bit chewy for me and I don’t really see it as a appetizer with a steak dinner.



We ordered the porterhouse steak for two.  The maitre d’ also thought we should have the creamed spinach and German potatoes as sides. The waiter brings to the table a sizzling platter of pre-sliced steak. He places one edge of the platter on the turned saucer so all the juices accumulate at one end. He and a helper served each dish.  I got a few pieces of steak. Several were better done than I wanted so I traded them in.  We clearly had much more steak than we could ever eat.  I did not get a piece from the tenderloin side.

The steak that I had was very chewy, flavor more like Kobe than New York Porterhouse. I was unimpressed.  I did not like the steak.  I’m used to very high quality, Prime New York Strip or Prime Porterhouse with age.  This steak was definitely aged and was intense in flavor, but it was very heavy on the palate so you did not feel like eating very much. 



The creamed spinach was banal–very little flavor, a bit watery and no depth of flavor…useless.  


The potatoes were fried with onions–ok, but I can’t get too excited.



Dessert – Strawberries with Schlag (whipped cream) – absolutely delicious.





Wolfgang’s seems to be a crowd from The Palm and Mastro’s.  There are lots of 50-70 year old out of shape guys with younger women…and several attractive younger women in pairs or bunches who apparently expect to meet “rich” guys.


Bottomline–Wolfgang Steakhouse–why bother?  I will not go again.