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Joe’s – Venice

I can’t be impartial about Michael Bryant, the chef. Not only are we friends, but he was the executive chef at Bin 8945. After Bin, Mike became chef de cuisine at Joe’s. I called Joe’s, asked if Mike would be in the kitchen for lunch and picked the one day he works lunch. LUCKY me!

We decided to sit at the chef’s table so I could talk to Mike and also just let him cook what he wanted. My motto: why look at a menu when Mike is in the kitchen?

open kitchen

What I love about Mike as a chef is his concentration and his absolute dedication to no shortcuts.

open kitchen 1



More concentration

mike 1

Mike is adorable as well as talented.


bread at Joe's



shrimp at Joe's

Grilled shrimp, wax beans (fresh from the farmer’s market), button mushrooms, Harissa broth. What made this dish exceptional was the extraordinary broth.


sand dabs at Joe's

California Sand Dabs with Avocado, Cherry Tomatoes, Pink Maine Shrimp & Chive Nage composed of seafood stock and butter. What impresses me most about Mike’s cooking is his delicate handling of fish plus his exceptional handling of sauces. 


brisket at Joe's

Beef Brisket with spaetzle, corn and a red wine based sauce. I am not a great lover of brisket and am not a huge meat and potato fan. However, the brisket was cooked perfectly and I loved the spaetzle.


brisket 1



dessert at Joe's

Strawberries, shortcake and for me a small slice of cheese – light  and luscious.

My verdict – go to Joe’s, put yourself in Mike’s capable hands and enjoy.

For a retrospective of Mike’s wonderful culinary achievements, see below: