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Pacific’s Edge – Highlands Inn

Where Bernardous and Marinus is an oasis of calm in Carmel, Pacific’s Edge Restaurant at Highlands Inn is a tourist spot with a loud bar scene. I don’t know if this is a result of it being a Park Hyatt hotel, but it is definitely not destination dining.

We got there on time for our reservation and were told to camp out at the bar and wait for a table. 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes – you get the idea. When we finally did get seated, service was perfunctory with an attitude of put the food on the table and run away.

We devised our own tasting menu with zero help from our server.

Amuse- Cauliflower Crème Fraiche Soup, drizzled with olive oil. The olive oil drizzle was not very good and the soup itself dull and boring.

Oysters with Shallot Mignonette – The oysters tasted as if they had been shucked hours ago

Kajiki (Pacific Blue Marlin), Fennel, Granny Smith Apple, Citrus juice – poor quality fish

Monterey Bay Abalone, Lemon Coulis, Garlic Flan – the abalone was like eating a rubber tire

Rack of Colorado Lamb, Turnip, Gorgonzola Bread Pudding, Rosemary Glaze

Cheese – I don’t have a clue what the cheese was as our server ran away before I could ask him.

I can’t comment on the view because they didn’t have the outdoor light turned on. This was definitely a disappointment.