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Central – Washington DC

Central is Michel Richard’s casual restaurant in DC. While working in Annapolis, the roving reporter invited his friends to dine at Central. (Editor’s note- some descriptions are brief as roving reporter didn’t eat every dish and also he doesn’t take notes.)

The restaurant is a charming, noisy, delightful bistro done with style.

Open kitchen…a very busy place…

Michel Richard – adorable

Michel still as charming as he always was and is.

Cherry Tomato & Burrata Mozzarella Salad

Central “Chopped” Salad

Frog’s Legs – The last time I had these with Michel was out on the lawn in front of his rental house in Brittany. We had been to a fabulous “Fish Factory” in Brittany and picked them out fresh.  Michel threw Lizzie and me out of the kitchen because we were “stealing” too many frogs legs as he and Patrick Jeffroy, his friend and 2 star chef  were making them. Here he uses a great cole slaw to put the frogs legs on top. I will definitely have these next time at Central, absolutely worth returning for.

Roasted Salmon with Tomatoes and Pearl Pasta

Lamb Shank with Creamy Corn Polenta and Fried Shoestring Onions – a big portion, but delicious.

Chicken Rotisserie with Roasted Potatoes and a small green salad – another “must come back to have”  dish

Michel began life [at 14] as a pastry chef for the legendary Gaston Lenotre. He has not lost his touch – He’s a great teacher/trainer.  (He taught lizziee who used to buy pastries and now wouldn’t think of anything but homemade). The Napoleon was REAL –  perfect flaky puff pastry with wonderful creme. It was the first time I’ve had a high quality Napoleon in years – just perfect.

Michel then decided to say to our server, “Bring them every dessert!”  and they did. Tastes of everything made it clear that Washingtonians can go to Central for dessert only and love it. Here Banana Split – old fashioned delicious with a few new touches.

Chocolate Lava Cake a la mode

Michel said “boobies with chocolate sauce”…yup, that’s Michel!  Vanilla Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate…it all disappeared.

Central’s Chocolate Mousse – The bowl was emptied by my friend’s 21 year old “actress daughter, soon to move to Hollywood.”  She is lactate intolerant and the staff was perfect in checking ingredients. She was not enthusiastic about going with us, but had a great time–no one can resist Michel!

Dessert Debris – demolition with protests,”I can’t eat any more” but we did.

We had a great time.  If you are going to DC, make Central a must visit.  Coming soon is Michel’s new restaurant at Ritz Carlton in Tyson’s Corners.   Michel says it will be not as fine dining as Citronelle but not as casual as Central.