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Le Pont Aux Chats – Strasbourg

From a meal in 2008

This was one of the few restaurants that required re-confirmation one week in advance. We certainly did not know why. There were only 3 tables of 2 all night including ours.

The Chef, Valere Diochet, had been sous-chef for Antoine Westermann at Buerehiesel for 13 years … a venerable Strasbourg 3 Star that has gone downhill and now has 1 star. Diochet takes great pride in using only the freshest products. His speciality is fish and shellfish. His product is definitely good, but his execution leaves a lot to be desired.


1. Some sort of vegetable broth with ginger–boring!!!



2. A rectangular cracker with a thin line of some sort of fish puree.



1st course:

John- 4 thick slices of cold smoked salmon with a small salad of celeriac–boring, boring!!!



me–4 raw slices of scallops on a bed of carrot puree and hazelnuts. This had zero flavor. I have had over 12 scallop preparations on this trip and this ranks as the worse.



2nd course:

John-pan seared rouget with potatoes and chorizo–not bad, the chorizo and rouget combo was interesting.



me–a thick slab of bar with shallots, ratte potatoes, garlic and chestnuts. The skin on the bar was mushy and the fish tasteless. I did like the potatoes.



Mignardises – don’t have a clue




2004 Meursault Les Clous Domaine Javiller–we were sick of Alsatian wine by this point, back to good Burgundy, a nice treat.



A chef and his wife doing their thing and trying we are sure, but the execution is very poor. There was nothing to recommend this moderately expensive little restaurant.