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Flannery Standing Rib Roast

Why oh why would someone buy a 7 1/2 pound rib roast for 3 people? Well, Flannery beef was a definite must and why not have too much of a good thing?

Flannery roast packaged

Flannery beef ready for roasting

Flannery beef roasted – used the high temp method –

Recipe here:

Flannery beef, creamed spinach, potato gratin, yorkshire pudding popovers

Leftover beef

Saturday night – a rerun of the Xmas meal

Sunday – Football and Beef sandwiches with leftover popovers, leftover gratin and epoisse cheese from Bryan with old Madeira

Monday Night: Flannery Roast Beef Hash with freshly made Popovers

Cheated on the eggs and used an egg poacher

Tuesday Morning – a rerun of the hash – my photos in the morning are lousy

Bottom line – 7 1/2 pounds of Flannery beef gone.