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Milo and Olive

Note:  Jason has left Milo and Olive and we don’t go anymore.

If it’s Thursday we will be at Milo and Olive. We love going – the staff treats us like family and it becomes one big party. Chef Jason is beyond terrific; he is a wonder and every dish is exquisite with regards to seasonality with A+ ingredients, sensational seasoning, exact execution and inventiveness. We never know what Jason has in mind for us and that is half the fun. We just let him cook and we have the pleasure of just reveling in one exciting dish after another. We bring our own wine and share with everyone.

Milo - Jason

The wonderful Jason

Milo - lexi

On the right GM Katie and on the left server Lexi – Both are A+ at everything

Milo champagne

Champagne to start

Milo - tartare

Albacore tuna and cured salmon tartare, curry creme fraiche, English peas, watermelon radish with a sauce of lemon marmalade- this was absolutely stellar. The fish was pristine, the seasoning wondrous and the lemon marmalade outstanding – we didn’t leave a drop!

Milo beets

Roasted Golden Beets, Blood Orange, Hummus, Pistachio Aillade, Ricotta Salata, Arugula – Aillade is the name used in southern France for a garlic based vinaigrette. The hummus was a combination of chick peas, tahini, cumin, raw garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. The golden beets reminded me of a Hershey Kiss with a tail – in looks only! This was a wondrous combination of taste and texture.

Milo - Etoile wine

Etoile Rose

Milo tart

A savory crostata (tart) of Swiss chard, ricotta, Nueske’s bacon and raisins surrounded by a sauté of swiss chard, bacon, cauliflower, pine nuts, capers and pulverized anchovies with splashes of 12 year old balsamic vinegar – another winner

Milo - proscuitto

Goia Farm Burrata, American proscuitto, Brussel sprouts, Marcona almonds, Bagna Cauda – Jason is a master at putting seemingly diverse ingredients together into a delicious, perfectly structured whole

Milo - white wine

White wine

Milo - eggs and toast

This was off the charts superb! Crimini, Oyster, Honshemeji Sauteed Mushrooms on Toasted Brioche, Poached Farm Egg, Shaved Black Winter Truffles, Mustard Vinaigrette – it doesn’t get any better than this.

Milo - red wine

Red Wine

Milo - last dish

Pork Cheeks, Pork Cheek Confit, Stewed Lentils (French lentils with rice, piquillo peppers, cumin), Shallot, Arugula – a perfect ending to a perfect meal

I have said this before but I need to say it again. Milo and Olive is a fine dining restaurant in a casual setting. Headed by the talented and creative Chef Jason this is great food with an equally gracious front of the house staff. Highly recommended.

Milo and Olive

We have made Thursday late afternoon our “go to” place. We never order or even look at a menu. We just let Jason cook and we are lucky to have the “best of the best.”

Jason at Milo

Wonderful Jason

wines at Milo

wines at Milo #2

We are very fortunate that Milo and Olive allow us to BYO – we share with everyone – both the front of the house and of course Jason and his wonderful sous – Shahon.

Milo black truffle

Black Truffle from Piedmont

Milo egg dish

Jason called this “Bacon and Eggs.” It was an egg custard made with egg yolk, milk, cream, cayenne, nutmeg, salt and pepper made in a bain marie at 275 degrees for 50 minutes on the bottom rack. (I do ask a lot of questions and the best part is that I get exact answers!) The custard was served with Nueske’s bacon, peas and black truffles. What an exquisite dish.

Milo egg dish mixed up

The egg mixed up.

Milo - chestnut soup

Chestnut Soup – made from fresh chesnuts from Italy, a white mire poix (celery, onion, fennel), plugra butter, roasted chicken stock, heavy cream and finished at the last moment with a touch of dark rum. It was topped with creme fraiche, fried sage and some of the roasted chestnuts that had been roasted in the hot pizza oven. Delicious!

Milo - rissotto

Risotto, parmesan cheese, finished with a bit of Chandon champagne and those wonderful black truffles from Piedmont. A++

Milo - prawns

Roasted prawns, pea pesto (peas, pine nuts, garlic, mint, parsley, lemon juice), marjoram – what made this dish was the pea pesto – Jason has an extraordinary “feel” for  vegetables.

milo - pork belly

Slow-roasted Pork belly, whole grain mustard, pickles, brussel sprouts, Persian cucumber, Fuyu Persimmon – another winner

Milo - short ribs

Short Ribs, Muscat de Provence squash, kale, shallots, garlic confit, black truffles, black truffle butter – rich and hearty – a perfect winter dish

What a marvelous meal with superb service. If you just eat pizza at Milo and Olive you are missing out on having a tremendous meal.

Milo and Olive

Chef Jason Mattick continues to amaze me  – again I urge everyone to just go to Milo and Olive and let Jason do his thing! We never look at the menu and just let Jason devise a tasting menu for us. His ability to combine flavors with the freshest ingredients is just extraordinary.

Jason and behind Jason his equally wonderful sous chef Shahon

We bring a lot of wine with the one caveat that we share with everyone.

Apple-wood smoked bacon wrapped around Medjool dates with a bit of parmesan reggiano inside – a one bite wonder

Salt-roasted beets, blackberries, Jake’s goat cheese, 12 year old balsamic vinegar – this was bursting with flavor

Roasted Chantenay Carrots (Jason explained that he roasted the carrots in tin foil in the pizza oven with jalapeño, ginger slices and shallots), Greek Yogurt, Green Harrissa, Cilantro – the most extraordinary carrots I have ever tasted

Honey-roasted Warren Pear, Walnuts, Gorgonzola, American Proscuitto, Assorted Bitter Greens, Honey Mustard – again a combination of flavors and ingredients that was A+

Cauliflower Soup with Chili Oil

Sweet and Sour Sardines, Capers, Pine Nuts, Pickled Raisins, Onions, Cooked with Saffron – another winner!

Beer to go with the brisket

Brisket braised in beer, horseradish, creme fraiche, shelling beans, salsa verde – I will sound like a broken record but this is just fine dining in a casual setting

Run to Milo and Olive for a great dining experience.

Milo and Olive

Chef Jason Mattick continues to amaze me by his skill, his passion, his execution and his dedication. I urge everyone to treat this as a “fine dining” restaurant and just let Jason do his thing.

We bring our own wines but share with everyone!

Kumamoto Oysters from Washington State

Served with a champagne mignonette – champagne, shallots, black pepper – perfect

San Diego uni on toast with a jalapeno infused olive oil  – this was ecstasy for those who are uni lovers which I am!

There are no words to express how great this was. On one toast point was Tasmanian trout ceviche style, 2 month old preserved lemons, capers and chives. On the other toast point was confit of sardines (done in house at 170 degrees in the oven for 30 minutes), plugra butter, pickled shallots, rocket arugula, fleur de sel, shaved radish, fennel. Absolutely spectacular.

Smelts served with a tahini and lemon sauce – reminded me of the great smelts at Bistro Jeanty in Yountville

Butternut Squash soup with fried squash seeds, summer chanterelles, pancetta, creme fraiche – delicious

The squash before becoming soup. Jason has developed special relationships with the farmers and goes to the Santa Monica Farmer’s market every Wednesday. His produce is extraordinary.

Orecchiette (made in house), pork sausage ragu, baby kale, bread crumbs – what a difference in house pasta makes and the pork ragu was perfect

Braised Lamb shank (the lamb had been braised for 48 hours and then roasted), fresh shelling beans, arugula, oven dried cherry tomato, garlic confit – we were getting quite full and this was a wonderful dinner the next night.

To go to Milo and Olive for a quick bite or just have a pizza would be missing one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles with a creative and talented chef. I can’t wait to go back.

Milo and Olive

I am constantly amazed by the quality of the food at Milo and Olive. This is a “fine dining” restaurant in a casual atmosphere. For a dedicated home cook it is a dream. Who needs to watch the Master Chef on television when you can watch a dedicated and expert crew of line cooks and sous expertly managed by executive chef Jason Mattick turn out perfectly crafted cuisine. We like to go early, sit at the bar, chat with Jason and watch every move in the open kitchen.

Wonderful Jason

The open kitchen – our view from the bar

BYO Wine – we share with everyone

“Just a nibble” – assorted olives, peppers roasted with rosemary and thyme, caper berries, almonds

Hanger Steak Carpaccio, raw mushrooms, shaved parmesan cheese, fried capers, arugula, 12 year old balsamic – absolutely sensational

Monterey Bay Calamari, roasted pimento pepper, raw tomatillo, tomatillo salsa – the calamari was not the least bit chewy – it was as tender as could be and again the combination of flavors and textures was perfect.

San Diego Uni, Squid Ink Garganelli, red wine, chervil, scallions, little tomatoes – Because the water is warmer in San Diego than Santa Barbara the uni had a terrific “mouth feel.”

American proscuitto on dried fruit walnut bread, Figs, Drake Farms Goat Cheese – another perfect combination

Baby Back Ribs, Peach Barbecue Sauce – who needs to grill at home

Run don’t walk to Milo and Olive and just let Jason cook for you!