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We determined that the 1 for 2 shared courses was a good approach and so I devised a “tasting” menu from the a la carte menu. I had hoped to repeat a wonderful dish with “koshi-i-kari rice” from two years ago, but it wasn’t on the menu. Also, for some reason, there was a very limited choice re the meat/poultry course i.e. no duck, only 2 meat choices


Amuse with our champagne in the lounge:

I don’t have a clue because we were involved with major chatter with our new friends that we met the night

before at Georges Blanc.



Amuse at the table:

Razor clams, thinly sliced, served with a julienne of apple and gelee of basil and apple.  Light , perfectly prepared – a gentle nod to spring.

1st Course:

Thin slices of raw scallops interspersed with wakame and topped with a bit of Atlantic Sea Urchin which were artfully arranged on some type of melba toast.   We both wished there was more sea urchin, but that is a nit-pick. This tasted of the sea and for someone who is not a true lover of fish they would be very disappointed.  We loved it!

2nd Course:

A Roanne classic created in 1981  “Fines de Claire” Oysters a la Julia— 4 plump oysters (remember that is considered a half portion!) in a light broth with leeks, carrots and chives.

3rd Course:

Mezaluna of potatoes, artichoke and black truffle.  This was the dish of the night—absolutely off the charts perfect.  The potato was very thinly sliced, encasing a black truffle…think of potato ravioli.  It floated in a vinegar and boullion broth made from onions and artichokes with a touch of hazelnut  oil. A++++

4th Course:

We decided to play it very safe with rump steak of beef in a red wine sauce and marrow “gratin forezien” [1960].  Good, classical and definitely dated to the ‘60s, but we enjoyed it.   Too big a portion even with each getting 50% [1 for 2].

5th Course:

Cheese, excellent, but I get a F for note-taking.


2000 Sancerre Mellot Alphonse—quite nice, full bodied with nice bite.  Excellent with the scallop dish and the oysters.

2001 St. Joseph les Gisieres Perret—good.  It held up to the big sauce on the meat and worked fine with the cheese.

Please note, with the punishing 1.6x pricing my husband is forced to shop the list from the right hand side.  The sommeliers have been very nice about helping him when he says, “Tres Cher!!” For example the wines this particular night were 45 E for the Sancerre and 55 E for the St. Joseph.


Troisgros definitely lived up to our expectations.