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David Kinch’s New Cookbook – Special Event at Rustic Canyon

We were very fortunate to go to the event – Rustic Canyon welcomes Chef David Kinch celebrating the release of his cookbook Manresa: an Edible Reflection. Manresa in Los Gatos is one of our favorite restaurants and David Kinch is an extraordinary chef. This celebration of David Kinch’s new cookbook is so much more than a cookbook or a bunch of recipes. It is an inside look at an extraordinary person; an artist who realizes his visions. In the second chapter “An Homage to an Egg” David writes: “Some chefs are good because they’re great technicians who do their job well. But the great ones are those who are thought provoking (and thoughtful) and capable of making you connect to an almost childlike joy. Anyone can feed you; few can make you feel.”  David Kinch’s food makes you feel and each and every meal at Manresa has been memorable. His cookbook also makes you feel his passion through his writing and the extraordinary photography.

Just a little tease – some of our meals at Manresa:

For this event Jeremy Fox who used to be chef de cuisine at Manresa and is now executive chef at Rustic Canyon reunited with David Kinch to create a memorable evening of wonderful bites that made you “feel.” Each chef prepared “their” dish for each course. I will let the photos tell the story using the theory “less is more.”

David - champagne

To start: Champagne from their list


David - amuse

Crispy cassava and oyster (Manresa) – the oyster refers to the oyster “cream”

Jeremy - amuse

Lavender almonds (Rustic Canyon)

We brought wines from our cellar to enjoy throughout the meal.

Daavid wines

BYO Wines


David - first course

sea bream, lightly cured with persimmon, savory granola (Manresa)

Jeremy first course

radish crudite, nori creme fraiche, pear mustard, yuzu (Rustic Canyon)


David - second

mussel, gooseberry and tomatillo escabeche (Manresa)

Jeremy - second

pozole verde of scallops and their tripe (Rustic Canyon)


David third try this

mijote of sunchoke and chestnuts, brussel sprouts with brillat savarin milk (Manresa)

Jeremy third

monterey bay abalone with turnip (Rustic Canyon)

FOURTH COURSE ( the next photos were taken with an i phone as my photographer was having too much fun)

David's main

our boudin noir and toasted buckwheat (Manresa)

Jeremy's main

potatoes a la flammande, salt cod alfredo, green garlic (Rustic Canyon)


David dessert

hibiscus pears and gingerbread, smoked pecans (Manresa) – half eaten

andante dairy’s minuet, beets and berries, pistachio soil (no photo – both photographers having double fun)

There is no way I can do justice to this meal and the two dedicated and passionate chefs who produced it. In terms of David Kinch’s first cookbook Manresa: An Edible Reflection it a must read for anyone who is passionate about food. I am thrilled to add it to my collection and intend to devour every word.