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Yang Chow- Los Angeles

There are a number of ways to do take-out Chinese. You can open up the containers, put them on the table, use your chopsticks to eat out of the cardboard containers and 40 minutes later call it a night. The second option is to make it beautiful, have candles, good wine and serve it in stages. We do the second option and even if some of the food is iffy, the evening ends up being a success. 

yang Chow at home

The table

won ton soup

Won Ton Soup – delicious

steamed dumplings

Steamed dumplings – horrible – we tossed them

slippery shrimp, better

Slippery shrimp – their signature dish and a winner

fried rice

Fried rice – good

lemon chicken

Lemon chicken – my husband liked it

picnic table

The lemon sauce for the chicken and my pretend picnic bench on my dining table – now that looks good!

Loved the company, the food was just OK.