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The Lobster – Santa Monica

The best part of The Lobster in Santa Monica is the view, the appetizers and a lovely Sancerre wine. We were lucky to have a window table and we had a gorgeous view of the ocean and the pier.

view from the window

the pier

The Room

room 3


room 4

Another view of the room


bread and saauce

Warm Sourdough bread with a Chimichurri sauce –  grapeseed oil, olive oil, red pepper, lemon juice, parsley


oysters at Lobstaer

Coromandel oysters – New Zealand, Hama Hama Oysters – Washington State, Hood Canal Oysters – Washington State



Crispy Lemon Calamari, Garlic Anchovy Aioli – these were a good version of calamari, not overly breaded and not at all greasy.



Tempura Tiger Prawns, Hot Chinese mustard, sweet chili sauce and ponzu – again whoever is working the fryer station has got it right – light, no grease and the saucing was delicious.


lobster roll at lobster

Lobster Roll, Hot Dog Bun, Tomatoes, Onions, Tarragon Mayo, Potato Chips


close-up of lobster roll

Close-up of the non existent lobster in this roll – it should have been called a tomato and mayo roll


Neptune oyster roll

The incredible lobster roll from Neptune’s Oyster in Boston with great lobster on a proper hot dog bun


salmon at lobster

Copper River salmon, Forbidden black rice risotto, grilled asparagus, tomato ginger compote and curry aioli – I can’t comment on this dish as I didn’t taste it.


oysters at lobster after lousy

I absolutely could not eat my lobster roll and sent it back. To the restaurant’s credit, I wasn’t charged for it. I decided to just have another order of oysters.

Would I go again – probably not.