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Morton’s- Beverly Hills

The Roving Reporter:
The roving reporter LOVES Morton’s! I have been dining with Arnie Morton [now deceased] and Klaus Fritsche since before they founded Morton’s in 1978.  Throughout the ’70s, I hung out during Chicago trade shows at Arnie’s on State Street — a terrific restaurant and bar. I had wonderful meals there and was able to entertain clients very successfully.

Now, 33 years later Morton’s is my restaurant of choice for consistently great food, superb service [Elaine our server at table 52 was camera shy] and a place that does it 100% right.

Last night was no exception.  With a very good friend, I was able to have excellent food, great service in an atmosphere where I could actually have a conversation without blaring music in the “background.”  Add two superb bottles of well-aged Bordeaux and you have what I would rate a perfect evening.

Christopher Garrison GM – I always gladly share our wine with him

BYO Bordeaux

Decanting the Bordeaux

Morton’s presents the food – you actually get to see the quality of the ingredients.

Onion Bread

BYO ’85 Beycheveille joins the party

Shrimp Alexander

Center Cut Iceberg Lettuce Salad – half eaten

New York Strip – oozing deliciousness

Potato skin in development

Potato skin refined

Almost the whole works

Sauteed Button Mushrooms added in as another side

Bottom Line – what more can one ask for?