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David Haskell – Pastificio Defilippis- Los Angeles

As many of you know, David Haskell is no stranger to the restaurant business. His resume is extensive from Guy Savoy in Paris, Le Cirque and Aquavit in New York, Aubergine in Newport Beach, co-owner and managing director of Bin 8945 in West Hollywood, Director of Operations for Jeffrey Best and Sommelier/Director of Operations at Vertical Wine Bar and Bistro in Pasadena. (In the interest of full disclosure, David is my son.)

Well, David has started an exciting new project.

From nbclosangeles – Feast (quoted with a bit of editing)

“Over the weekend, sommelier David Haskell finalized plans to open an Italian restaurant in L.A. with Paolo Damilano, who owns a Torino pasta shop & restaurant called Pastificio Defilippis. According to Haskell, “I’m very excited to team up with somebody whose view of food and wine is the same as mine.”

On May 22, Haskell heads to Torino, which will allow him to “understand 100% of what we’re looking for, but still be able to adjust to the L.A. market.” He’ll meet Pastificio Defilippis’ executive chef and learn the pasta making process. Then it’s on to Piemonte, where Damilano produces wine. Haskell hopes to forge relationships that will allow the L.A. outpost of Pastificio Defilippis to serve wines that were previously unavailable Stateside.

“What we’re doing is classic,” said Haskell, who plans to pour primarily Italian wines, with one or two bottles from the south of France, plus Slovenia. No bottle will exceed $75. As for the food, Haskell wants to visit Italy before finalizing the menu.

For the design, Haskell plans to go with architect George Kelly, who designed Mozza and The Tar Pit.

Haskell and Damilano are planning to open more than one West Coast branch of Pastificio Defilippis. “We’re looking at rolling the first one out, making it perfect, then looking at more,” said Haskell, who also mentioned San Francisco and Portland as eventual possibilities.

The first location, conveniently located, will serve as the hub for U.S. operations. “The executive chef and two sous will come here for two months to make sure it’s running as smoothly as in Italy,” says Haskell. New hires will eventually come to work in Los Angeles before moving on to the next location.

Haskell expects the L.A. outpost of Pastificio Defilippis to be open daily for lunch and dinner, and he’ll be there daily.”

David is well aware that Defillippis is a hard word for Americans to pronounce.  The actual restaurant will be known as PD Pasta – much easier on the tongue, but true to the concept.