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Tuna and Natto

I love Japanese food and even love Natto – fermented soy beans. When my son was little, he hated it when I ordered it; his comment was always it stinks and how can you eat that stuff? Natto is definitely an acquired taste, but for me it makes a satisfying meal for dinner.

tuna pachkage

Tuna from Granada Market – it isn’t cheap but it is first rate quality.

tuna piece

The trick to cutting the tuna is to follow the lines of sinew and remove that part. This is a trick I learned from Masa at Ginza Sushi Ko.

tuna chopped

The tuna chopped.

tuna sinew

The sinew discarded.




This wasn’t the best Natto as it was not whole soy beans – do not buy the pieces.

natto before mixed

Natto ready to be mixed. Basically you stir the Natto until it is slimy.

Like this

natto and egg

I mix the natto with an egg yoke, some wasabi, soy sauce and then add the tuna. No picture of the finished dish, but it was good.



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