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Mitch’s Fish Market and Sushi Bar – Oahu

This is a hole in the wall restaurant located in the warehouse area right by Honolulu International Airport. Actually, the restaurant itself is in the warehouse and as Mitch and his son Craig are importers of fish, all of the seafood are supplied by their fish company. There are only five places at the bar and a couple of tables for four about 13 seats total. Reservations are an absolute must.  Mitch’s is BYO only, but there is a liquor store around the corner.

We arrived in Oahu at noon and we were sitting at Mitch’s about 12:30. (There is a definite advantage to not checking any luggage, particularly if you have to endure airplane food).

Hideo Mitsui and Masa Murakami are the sushi chefs.



We asked for chef’s choice or omakase.



Shirauo (silverfish) from Japan



Sashimi –  From left to right – Tasmanian Abalone, Fresh Raw lobster, Chu-toro, Salmon, New Zealand scallop and Kanpachi – the lobster was the stand-out sashimi with a second to the abalone and scallop.



King Salmon, broiled with miso paste



Maguro and Toro Sushi


Aji (Spanish Mackerel)



Shima Aji 



Uni from Alaska and Salmon Eggs



Finally, a big bowl of miso soup with cooked lobster

This is not Urasawa and you shouldn’t expect that kind of experience. But the fish is very fresh, well-executed and a perfect place to stop after a long flight that is minutes from the airport.

Mitch’s Fish Market and Sushi Bar (524 Ohohia St., Honolulu)