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Magnolia’s- Charleston, S.C.

Your roving reporter from Charleston, low country, USA…here for a conference of Reps who sell motors, chains, etc.

Time out for one nice dinner.  Charleston oozes Southern charm.  It is very pretty and at this time of the year the humidity is low and the weather  is beautiful.   So a nice 4 block walk from Meeting Street to East Bay for a 5:15 dinner.

Magnolia’s is part of a 3 restaurant group owned locally.  It was highly recommended for real Southern food.  LA ultra thin, anorexic gym rats would cower at the menu figuring they would gain 3 pounds just from reading it. The restaurant has that comfortable, wood, high ceiling down home look.  It definitely has a quality feel.

I love Southern food, grits, dirty rice, etc.   So “paradise” for me.

Uptown Appetizers

BLUE CRAB BISQUE with fresh chives – $6.00 for a cup, $7.00 for a bowl

Delicious, deep flavor, creamy, plenty of crab, not stringy, no shell to bite into and break your teeth.  Thick the way I like it.  A cup was plenty, very filling.

FRIED GREEN TOMATOES with white cheddar and caramelized onion grits, country ham, and tomato chutney  $9.00

Its been years…these 3 slices on top of a bed of creamy grits, surrounded with a rich tomato sauce.  The tomatoes were separated by country ham.   A few stewed tomatoes and peppers on top.   Absolutely perfect, delicious.

Small Plates

SPICY SHRIMP AND SAUSAGE with tasso gravy over creamy white grits $15.00

I had a similar dish at the Mill House Hotel at a conference banquet the night before.  The previous one was good.  This was fabulous.  Big chunks of link sausage surrounded a sauce filled dish with beautiful white shrimp on a mound of creamy white grits.  On the side dirty rice with andouille sausage.

I thought about buying the book, but no room to carry it.


by Chef Donald Barickman…29.95

Over-all a delicious experience.  Filling but not overwhelming.  I’d go back in a minute.  Service from Sarah was excellent.  And, a very good value.

Lizziee’s comment – without the cookbook, I can’t make this at home.