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Scrambled Eggs – Soft

I know this might sound absolutely stupid to post a recipe for scrambled eggs, but my husband likes very soft scrambled eggs and there is a trick to making them without cream or creme fraiche – very, very slow cooking and patience.

If you have a source for very fresh eggs absolutely. If not, add one, two or even more extra yolks to the beaten whole eggs. I didn’t say this was low cholesterol or low cal. The amount of eggs depends on how many you are going to serve so the extra egg yolks depends on how many whole eggs.

The next step is absolutely crucial. STRAIN the eggs through a seive. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!

Next take a nob of very good butter and grease frying pan. Then on the very lowest heat, add eggs and continually stir with a spatula until eggs are set to your desired fluffiness and lightness. This usually takes about 20 to 25 minutes – listen to music, watch a good TV program – be patient. Serve immediately.

There is no way to rush this and if you do, you will have eggs that stick to the pan and hard scrambled eggs. If you like hard scrambled eggs, set pan heat high, throw in eggs and 5 minutes later serve.