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Sunday Football – Playoffs

Football is a major event at our house and the playoffs are a serious event.

Green Bay Packers vs  Chicago Bears – pre game and first half

Home-made Guacamole

Cheese and Pretzels and lots of chips plus another shot of the guacamole

Wine pairing by David

First wine

Half-time First Game

We had gone to Chinois for dinner the night before with the idea we would have Chinois left-overs plus a couple of add-ons for the game.

Roasted Cantonese duck

Steamed bao with stir-fried vegetables and Plum Sauce for the duck  (David stole his bao, duck, quail, ribs etc before the photos were taken)

Crispy glazed quail with Red  Pepper Strips

Barbecued baby pork ribs with soy honey glaze

Duck Fried Rice

David’s pairing with Chinois leftovers

Wine #2

Now the BIG Game – Steelers versus New York Jets

Half-time Steeler Game


Half-time Sandwiches

David’s last pairing

3rd wine

Thank goodness the Steelers won!