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Les Fines Gueules

We thought we had a confirmed reservation, but they insisted we didn’t. It didn’t really matter as we were the first ones in the restaurant around noon.

The menu board

1st course:

a plate of charcouterie—nice but nothing to write home about.

Church and State Charcuterie
Church and State
more chucrh and state
This was not just sliced charcuterie, but home-made terrines and pates
Briche for pate
Brioche and Pickled Vegetables with Charcuterie
pork rillettes
Pork Rillettes

2nd course:

We both had their famous steak tartar. According to Adrian Moore, it is made with “top grade beef from Desnoyer mixed with parsley and aged parmesan and served with roasted grenade potatoes.”

The portion size was huge. We could easily have split 1 for 2. The beef was served as thick chunks, not finely chopped. We think the tartar at Bistro Jeanty in Yountville is much better.


Jeanty tartare

Jeanty’s version

I must give credit to the chefs, though. When I went to the toilette on the second floor, they stopped me and asked why we ate so little of the tartar. Obviously, they care. However, I did not want to make a scene and just said we had a huge dinner the night before and were just not that hungry.

The chefs



The tiny kitchen


Another view of kitchen


2006 La Gautrie, Sauvignon, Tauraine, Christian Venier ok, not special. It sort of worked with our dishes.


Les Fines Gueules is a nice neighborhood bistro, but certainly nothing special. The service was fine. The room is an attractive cellar type spot