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Magnum Pop-Up at Royal T

I posted about the upcoming Magnum Pop-up at Royal T here:

It was a wonderful event and the Magnum Crew did a great job. John had the 5 course menu and I, of course, did the uni tasting menu.

The room at Royal T

Another view of the room

Set-up for the wine pairings

The Silent Auction – For the record and thanks to Dr. Tomo, the silent auction raised more than $12,000 –  quite a feat!

One of the tables for the Silent Auction

Von Buhl “Brut”: Riesling: Bad Durkheim, Germany paired with the amuse and the Oyster/Brown Butter

Amuse Bouche – Cured Thai Snapper/Shrimp Chips/Leek and Ramp Emulsion

Brown Butter being poured on the Oyster dish

The finished dish – Oysters/Brown Butter/Lemon

Uni/Oyster/Soy Mignonette paired with

NV Jacques Lassaigne “Les Vignes de Montgueux Blanc de Blanc”: Chardonnay: Champagne, France. David explained that for the uni menu he wanted the wines to elongate the uni flavor all the way through.

Potato Chip Soup (basically a potato Vichysoisse)/Ramps/Cucumber/Potato Chips/Fried Oysters paired with 2008 Batic: Pinela: Sempas, Slovenia (no picture)

Uni/Tuna Tartare/Dashi Mayonnaise paired with

2006 Chateau Giraud “G”: Sauvignon Blanc, Semillion: Bordeaux, France

Braised Baby Octopus/Leek Risotto/Shaved Cashews/Pancetta Vinaigrette paired with

2009 Jean Paul-Brun: Chardonnay: Beaujolais, France

Uni Tartine/Cucumber Balls/Brined Halibut/Toast Point/Chives paired with

2005 Schoffit “Vielles Vignes”: Chasselas: Alsace, France

Uni/Cauliflower Royale

The Royale “uncovered” – fennel, uni, diced apple and cucumber, apple/cucumber cloud, nori powder paired with

2009 Riviera Ligure di Ponente: Pigato: Durin, Italy

Uni/Pizza/Bone Marrow – on grilled flatbread uni with slices of bone marrow paired with

2005 FX Pichler “Smaragd Loibner Oberhauser”: Riesling: Wachau, Austria

Miso Cured Hangar Steak/Creamed Spinach/Shitake Mushroom Tempura/Sesame seeds/Ponzu Sauce paired with

2008 Domaine de Majas “Three Trees” : Grenache Noir, Carignan: Cotes Catalanes, France

Uni/Veal/Shitake Tempura Mushrooms, Bordelaise sauce paired with

2003 Jacques Puffeney “Vielles Vignes”: Poulsard: Arbois, France

Uni/Venison/ Risotto with sesame seeds/Green Shiso Pepper Sauce paired with 2004 M. Sorrel: Syrah: Hermitage, France (not pictured)

Yuzu Creme Brulee/Poached Apricots/Kumquats paired with D. Delecheneau Domaine La Grange Rose: Cab Franc, Cot: Loire, France (not pictured)

Bottom line: we went, we saw, we conquered and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Magnum Pop-Up at Royal T

MAJOR SHILL ALERT : I am David Haskell’s mother and no I am not impartial.

“This latest rendition sees Mahon using more Japanese flair with the menu. His past two pop up locations have seen their individual influences reflected in the menus as well. At Biergarten, we saw a bit of Korean, and at Pal Cabron some oaxacan show up in a few dishes.On top of the Japanese influence, a portion of the proceeds from the 3 day pop up will benefit a to be named Japanese restaurant or sake brewery in the wake of the earthquake/tsunami.”

Where: Royal T Cafe

8910 Washington Blvd

Culver City, CA 90232

When: April 17-19

Another major feature of the current pop-up is a silent auction to benefit  the Japan Sake Brewers Association in the hopes of helping the devastated sake industry.



Updated 4/11/11 to include wine pairings:

Oysters / Brown Butter and Lemon

WINE: Von Buhl ³Brut²: Riesling: Bad Durkheim. Germany

Potato Chip Soup/Ramps/ Cucumber/ Fried Oysters

WINE:  2008 Batic : Pinela: Sempas, Slovenia

Fennel Royale/Sea Urchin/ Apple Cloud/ Nori Powder

WINE:  2009 Riviera Ligure di Ponente: Pigato: Durin, Italy

CrispyTofu/SunflowerSeeds/Cilantro/MarinatedVegetables/ Dashi Emulsion

BEER:  Hitachino White

Tuna Rolls w/ Crab/ Jicama/ Mango/ Spicy Mayonnaise

WINE:  2008 Francois Pinon Silex:  Chenin Blanc: Vouvray, France

Braised Baby Octopus/Leek Risotto, Pine Nuts/ Pancetta Vinaigrette

WINE:  2009 Jean Paul-Brun:  Chardonnay: Beaujolais, France

Ocean Trout/Peas/ Mint/ Morels/ Lobster Jus

WINE:  2007 G. Rescombes ³Villes Vignes²: Gamay: Brouilly, France

Sliders w/ Grass Fed Beef/ Potato Chips/ Bibb Lettuce/ Chipotle Aioli

Sake:  Jukusie Funabuchi:  Junmai Ginjo: Nigata-Ken, Japan

Miso Cured Hangar Steak/Creamed Spinach/ Shitake Mushroom Tempura/ Sesame Seeds/ Ponzu Sauce

WINE: 2007 Eric Texier ³ LA Vaison Romaine²:  Grenache: Cote du Rhone , FR

Yuzu Crème Brulee/Poached Apricots

Wine:  D. Delecheneau Domaine La Grange Rose : Cab Franc, Cot: Loire, Fr

5 course:      62.00

wine pairing  45.00

7 course:        80.00

wine pairing  62.00

10 course:     118.00

wine pairing 92.00

To celebrate David Haskell’s 35th birthday, there will be a special all-uni menu available on April 19th (Tuesday), at Royal T Cafe. There will only be a LIMITED number available on Tuesday and it must be ordered in advance. To request this menu, please call 323-798-4648 or email

  • Uni/ oyster/ soy mignonette
  • Uni/Tuna Tartare
  • Uni Tartine/ Cucumber/ Brined Halibut
  • Uni/Cauliflower Royale/
  • Uni/ pizza/bone marrow
  • Uni/Veal/tempura Mushrooms/bordelaise sauce
  • Uni/Venison/shiso pepper sauce
  • dessert

Tasting Menu – 130

Wine Pairing – 80

According to David’s tweets, the uni menu is ” honor of my Mom, hpe she able 2 make it. shes spent 35 years making sure i’m happy. this one is frm @josephmahon and i.” I am so very touched – thank you David.

David is absolutely correct that uni is one of most favorite ingredients. One year, Thomas Keller called my husband, asking what ingredient was my favorite and of course John mentioned uni. Thomas created 3 “new” uni dishes for my birthday dinner. (I don’t have pictures of that meal as I didn’t start taking pictures until about 2 years ago.)

Some of my favorite uni dishes over the years:


MANRESA – Los Gatos

PROVIDENCE – Southern California

URASAWA – Southern California





Check back here after April 19th for the newest uni dishes from Magnum Pop-up.