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White Truffles

The best white truffles I have ever tasted was in December at Sabatini restaurant in Hong Kong – yes, Hong Kong. I know it is the beginning of September, but I can dream of white truffles, even though truffle season is months away. But fall is in the air, so white truffle thoughts are starting to “dance in my head.”

The second best white truffles were at Per Se in New York and The French Laundry in Yountville. The worst white truffles were at Alex in the old Michel Richard’s Citrus space. Alex Scrimgeour was the chef. In any case we ordered a dish with a shaving of white truffles that had a very large supplement, almost $80 per person, if my memory is correct. There were exactly 2 small shavings of truffles, less than the beef carpaccio dish pictured below.


FL - white truffles

Carnaroli Risotto Biologico with White Truffles from Alba – Per Se

Russet potato gnocchi, roasted chestnuts, white truffle butter and shaved white truffles from Alba – French Laundry (no picture)


A year ago, I decided to splurge and order some white truffles for an at home truffle dinner. Of course, the quality was not even close to the ones served at Sabatini, Per Se or French Laundry and I wasn’t as generous with my shavings!


White truffles

The truffles – OK quality


Beef with Truffles

Beef Carpaccio with shaved white truffles – I did say I was skimpy on my shavings


eggs with truffles

Scrambled eggs with shaved white truffles and brioche – a bit more generous


pasta with truffles

Pasta with white truffles


Not exactly up to Sabatini’s, Per Se’s or French Laundry’s standards, but good.