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Osteria Mozza

THE restaurant in Los Angeles at the moment is Osteria Mozza. We went shortly after it opened and then again this May. I think we ordered much, much better the second time – more variety and the execution was spot on.

David Rosoff, who we have known for over 16 years, is the GM. He couldn’t have been nicer or more cordial. He is the consummate professional.

Amuse – on a small crostini, fresh ricotta with olive tapenade, basil chiffonade with a drizzle of olive oil – simple, nice



First Course – Grilled octopus with cubes of cooked potatoes (they were cold, however), celery slices, mizuna dressed with lemon oil. The octopus was absolutely perfect. It had been marinated in olive oil with wine corks for hours and then quickly grilled.



Second Course – Crispy Pig’s trotters with Ciccoria (a type of Italian dandelion grown and used as for Lettuce and in Mesclun mixes) and mustard. This should not be pig’s trotters in the plural as there was one pig’s trotter that was actually a small croquette. Most of the dish consisted of “salad” stuff.



Third Course – Burrata from Basilicata with sautéed leeks and grilled country bread drizzled with garlic and olive oil – The burrata was excellent, but a large portion for 2 people and after a few bites, I had enough.



Fourth course- Bufala mozzarella with small dishes of Romesco sauce, Tapenade, Basil Pesto and a Caperberry Relish sauce. Only the later sauce was truly outstanding.



Fifth Course – Burricotti with Braised Artichokes, Pine Nuts, Currants and Mint Pesto – the artichokes were excellent.


Sixth Course – Tripe alla Parmigiana with cecci – John forgot to take a picture of this – good.

Seventh Course – Fresh Ricotta and Egg Ravioli with browned butter – I was really looking forward to this dish as it had been described by many as wonderful with a wonderful runny yolk when you cut into the ravioli – our yolk was more well done than runny yolk – a big disappointment.



Second time at Osteria Mozza


We decided to try Mozza again and we were to be at a play by 8 pm nearby so this meant an early dinner.

Traffic has become unbearable in Los Angeles and we allowed 1 ½ hours to go 14 miles – ridiculous. In any case, we made it in 1 hour and 10 minutes so we decided to have a drink and an appetizer at Pizzeria Mozza while waiting for Osteria to open.

Even at 5:10, the pizzeria was packed.


with Chicken livers, capers, parsley & guanciale – interesting texture as the liver is roughly chopped. What sets this apart is the guanciale. Great.



At Osteria


Grilled Octopus with potatoes, celery and lemon – much better than last time – the octopus was still excellent, but this time the potatoes were warm. Delicious.



Burrata with bacon, marinated escarole and carmelized shallots – very good



Fresh Ricotta and Egg Raviolo with browned butter – 100 times better than last time – perfectly cooked – comfort food and delicious.




Garganelli with ragu Bolognese – a one for two portion size – a split portion – John inhaled this dish 


Excellent service, delicious food and David Rosoff is a gem.