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Super Bowl 2010

We don’t exactly do your typical super bowl of chicken wings, pizza and beer. Of course, I had visions of oyster po’boys, but it was a momentary fantasy. Our super bowl “fest” for 4 of had a decidedly French feel with the best New York Prime Strip Steaks from Bryan’s Fine Foods aka Flannery steaks.

White wine

Second serving of Gougeres (forgot to take a picture of the first serving)

Foie Gras Pate with Sauterne Gelee ( a cup of sauterne heated, then mixed with Knox gelatin, poured into a small glass dish, covered, chilled to set and then cut into small dice)

Country pate from Bouchon in Beverly Hills – chicken, veal and turkey wrapped in bacon, cornichons and Dijon mustard

Bouchon pate ready to be served

Bread from Bouchon

Some snack food munchies – after all this is the superbowl – at least homemade

First Red Wine

Second Red Wine

Flannery  Steak

Potato Gratin – not yet plated

Caesar Salad (forgot to take the photo – watching the game)

Epoisse cheese was supposed to be served, but forgotten by one of our guests.

A single serving of Persimmon Cookies and Chocolate Chip Cookies