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Some first class airline food is terrific. A number of years ago we were first class on Thai airlines. We were served unlimited Beluga caviar plus Krug champagne and I do mean unlimited. This was while we were on the ground waiting for a part from Air France. After take-off more caviar and champagne, then appetizers, then dinner, then after dinner treats and then dessert.  Before tucking us in to our sleeper seats, they asked what we wanted for breakfast. My husband jokingly asked for softly scrambled eggs with beluga caviar. Well, they have a working kitchen on board and the next morning he was served freshly scrambled eggs with caviar.

Now to Virgin America.

I was on flight VX3367 from Boston to LAX leaving at 4:25 pm. We left at 4:25 Boston time, had to refuel in Vegas and didn’t arrive in LA until 12:00 am Boston time. I have no concerns regarding the fueling stop or the length of the flight – it couldn’t be helped. But I was a full paying first class passenger and the level of service on the Boston-LA flight was a disgrace.

1. Usually a flight attendant asks if you would like something to drink when you first board the plane – nothing. There were only 8 of us in first class and one flight attendant.

2. As soon as we were airborne, she came by with a basket of packaged pretzels and/or trail mix for us to snack on – this is first class?

3. After about 30 minutes of snacking, we were given our meal at about 5:40 pm – Boston time. From 6:15 pm to 12 am (Boston time), we were never offered one more bite of food – no cheese, no nothing, not even those pretzels.