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This is a post that is somewhat food-related. Obviously, it is not my usual type of post, but I thought Roberta deserved a post of her own.

Many years ago, after a fantastic lunch at L’Ambroisie, located at the Place des Vosges in Paris, we decided to explore the area.

Place des Vosges – gorgeous – yes

Well, we wandered into Modus Art Gallery at 23 place des vosges and we were captivated by the The Mobile Sculptures of Vincent Magni.

As this was many years ago and the exchange rate wasn’t punishing, we fell in love with Roberta, one of Vincent Magni’s mobile sculptures. We did buy her and had her shipped to our home. Last night, Los Angeles had heavy winds. Little did I know that with heavy winds, Roberta farts! I am not kidding she makes a sound that absolutely reproduces the exact sound of someone farting. It was an interesting dinner – perfect Flannery steaks, creamed corn, Ridge wine and Roberta farting.


Roberta 1

Roberta 2