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An Incredible Food Blog and Book

This obsession with food and dining has some wonderful benefits. I have been fortunate to meet some extraordinary people. One of them is a remarkable man, Simon  Majumdar. Normally, my husband has an aversion to my “foodie” friends and will think of a dozen reasons to avoid my outings. However, he and Simon became fast friends and even organized their own outing to eat hot dogs and burgers at my husband’s favorite stand, Marty’s in West Los Angeles. Simon is knowledgeable, witty, personable, and can wax poetic about the humblest street food to the ultimate haute cuisine dining experience.

I do have a link to his site and highly recommend it.

Simon was also generous in his comments re this site and recommended it as one of the 10 best food blogs. See below:

He has just finished writing a book called Eat My Globe: One Year to Go Everywhere and Eat Everything.



I thank Simon for his acumen, his passion but most importantly for his friendship. However, my endorsement of Simon’s blog and “I can’t wait for his book” doesn’t reflect our friendship. Dining with Simon is a lesson for us all. He knows what he is talking about plus he brings honesty, intelligence and graciousness to those who work so hard in the restaurant industry.