Providence is the best restaurant in Los Angeles. I can’t think of any misses whether it be sourcing of ingredients, execution of dishes, creativity, service – this is just a perfect restaurant. We brought special wines as this was a special occasion.

Wines – Champagne – Bellecart- Salmon……..1982 Corton Charlemagne – Dubreuil-Fontaine …..1982 Corton Clos du Roi – Dubreuil-Fontaine

P - Champagne

P - best pic of other wine

P - best pic of 1982

P - cocktail - #1 dish

Cocktail – cremant de bourgogne, st. germaine, yuzu, basil seeds

P - uni #2dish

Uni – white garlic chip, wasabi, serrano chili

P - lox #3 dish

Lox – caviar, gold leaf, dill powder, egg yolk

P - abalone - #4 dish

Abalone – hot to be dipped into wagyu fat fondue

P - tuna - #5 dish

Tuna sashimi, oro blanco (grapefruit), shallot yogurt, nori rice cracker, shiso

P - caviar #6 dish

Royal Oscetra caviar, rose gelee, lemon creme fraiche served with

P - bread with caviar #6

Grilled brioche spread with wagyu fat, lime slice

P - prawn #7 dish

Prawn tartare – ebi furikake, smoked sesame, prawn roe, freeze dried mandarin, nori

P - foie #8 dish

foie gras terrine, mulberry puree, nasturtium leaves, foccacia

not pictured – white asparagus, morels, fava beans

P - Beef - beef #11

Wagyu – smoked miso, smoked sesame, onion, radish, turnip, smoked mustard sauce

It doesn’t get better than this – great good, extraordinary wine and perfect service.


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