Jean Georges

Before our trip to France, we decided to have lunch at Jean Georges – a great antidote to bad airplane food. A friend of ours joined us and contributed a Raveneau Chablis Monte de Tonneau 2001 to the festivities.

We opened the festivities with NV Pierre Gimonnet Champagne.  Always nice.

Amuse—miso bacon soup, slow cooked quail egg with asparagus and a dehydrated grapefruit with pecorino cheese.  The gapefruit was basically tateless, but the other two amuse tastes were ok…the soup was best.

1st course—Santa Barbara Sea Urchin, toasted black bread topped with a slice of jalapeno pepper and a dab of yuzu “sauce”.   Absolute perfect—the jalapeno added an incredible punch and the uni was A+++ quality.

2nd course—my friend and I — Peekytoe Crab Fritters Honey crisp apples, pink peppercorn vinaigrette—excellent balance of flavors.

John—young garlic soup with thyme, sautéed frog legs.  A Jean Georges signature dish and deservedly so—delicious.

3rd course— my friend and I—foie gras brulee, dried sour cherries, candied pistachios and white port gelee—another Jean Georges signature dish and again a winner.

John—shrimp and smoked bacon, papaya mustard, avocado—John said “fair”.

4th course—

Friend—smoked squab a l’orange, Asian pear,candied tamarind—He must have loved it as the plate was cleaned quickly.

John—parmesan crusted confit of leg of chicken, salsify, basil and lemon butter—plate licked clean—superb!

Me —skate with Chateau Chalon Sauce—as soon as this was served warning bells sounded.  The sauce is normally a sunny bright yellow.  This day the sauce was muddy brown.  It was so acidic that it was inedible.  I sent the dish back and in the interest of time I ordered a repeat of the Uni dish that was so wonderful.  It was.

Chef’s re-do—Jean Georges was in his kitchen.  He re-made the sauce and sent out “his batch” to have me taste.  Much better.

Dessert—A  gift from the house—

Chocolate Poppy seed Cake, Meyer Lemon Curd, Halva Powder, Kaffir lime, infused Jicama Noodles. Tangerine, Limoncello granite



4 Responses to “Jean Georges”

  1. 1 ulterior epicure January 25, 2009 at 12:44 pm

    Lizzie, it is reports like yours (about the Chateau Chalons sauce) which utterly confound me. I have had almost flawless execution at Jean Georges. The one time I did not (an overcooked rack of lamb, which I sent back), Vongerichten was not in. It’s nice to see that he tried to correct the situation, though that does not excuse the mistake.

  2. 2 lizziee January 25, 2009 at 12:50 pm

    I just don’t understand Jean Georges. It was my favorite place for lunch in New York, but the for some reason the balance of flavors have been off – way too acidic.

  3. 3 ulterior epicure January 26, 2009 at 10:02 am

    Lizzie, that’s what I’ve heard from so many. I did get a bit of that in the lime foam that came with my sweetbreads when I was there last. But, I tend to like acid, so I’m not the best judge of this.

  4. 4 mattatouille October 20, 2010 at 12:25 am

    thanks for the report on the meal. I hope you got a chance to dine at Eleven Madison Park.

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