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FOH/BOH³ at LaOn

I am not exactly impartial re FOH/BOH³ at LaOn as David Haskell is my son. But I feel it is a mother’s prerogative to at least let everyone know about this special event. Also, I am quite familiar with David’s unique ability to pair food and wine so this should be a very novel and worth-while experience.

FOH/BOH³ at LaOn

Featuring Tradional Korean Tapas by Jenee Kim of LaOn

and Lucky Cat L.A. Korean by Chef Zadi

1145 S. Western Ave, Los Angeles CA 90006

LOS ANGELES, CA (August 22, 2011)- FOH/BOH³: The Fixers debut at LaOn, August 27th-28th, 5:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m., 1145 S. Western Ave, Los Angeles CA 90006

Farid Zadi, David Haskell and Susan Park, A.K.A. FOH/BOH³: The Fixers, a hands-on restaurant management company, have teamed with highly successful restaurateur Jenee Kim of Park’s BBQ and Don Dae Gam to present traditional and modern Korean menus of small plates and wine flights at Kim’s newest restaurant LaOn (

According to Park, “Three hours after FOH/BOH³ met with Amy Scattergood to announce our new partnership on Thursday, August 18th, we went to LaOn to meet with Jenee Kim. We discussed the evolution of Korean cuisine, Korean restaurants in Los Angeles and our shared goals of promoting Korean cuisine”.

Haskell, who has a notorious love affair with Korean food, says “This is about seasoned restaurant veterans sharing infrastructure, human resources and know-how. I’m not merely consulting on a wine list or suggesting wine pairings. I’ll also training LaOn’s FOH staff on how to really taste food and wine pairings, so that they can engage customers to enjoy the same. We’re starting with weekends at LaOn. FOH/BOH³ can showcase our soft approach to hands-on consulting. We want to show results right away.”

“Susan and I created a special menu of 8 dishes for our first weekend at LaOn to complement their traditional menu.” says Zadi, who worked in Seoul for three years as a chef and managing partner at a restaurant. “I have a lot of respect for Korean cooking. My mother in law is from Jeon-Ju, the culinary capital of South Korea. “This isn’t fusion or even modern Korean. We’re taking Korean ingredients, flavors and techniques and recontextualizing them while retaining the soul of Korean cuisine: the bold, stick to your guts flavors that make it so satisfying.”

For reservations please call 323-798-4648 or email David Haskell

                                                                                                                                                  LAON  MENU (traditional tapas)

 편채 PYEON CHAE Beef carpaccio with onions,sesame leaf,radish sprout- 10

                       칠절판 SEVEN WRAP Cucumber,carrot,beef,shiitake mushroom,egg with radish wrap – 7

어선 FISH WRAP Steamed fish and assorted vegetables in an egg wrap.- 10

궁중떡볶이 TEOKBOKKI Rice cake in soy based sauce.- 10

갈비찜 GALBI JJIM Braised short rib.- 15

오징어순대 STUFFED SQUID Stuffed with tofu,beef,squid & vegetables.- 10

전복요리 OPEN FLAME ABALONE Lightly seasoned fresh abalone.MP

잡채 JAPCHAE Clear noodle with mixed vegetables.- 7

 FOH/BOH³: Lucky Cat LaOn

Spicy chicken kochi/ foie gras fat fingerlings/ garlic chips- 12

Crab and kimchi brik/ orange and onion salad- 8

 Thai cobb ssam- 10

Thai curry bacon, avocado, duck rillettes, quail egg, tomato, fried shallot, lettuce

 Grilled oysters- 3 each

Dashima, ponzu, serrano mignonette and gochujang vinaigrette

 Uni and scallop chawanmushi- market price

 ½ dozen peel ‘n’ eat grilled prawns/ shiso chimichurri- market price

Laotian curry marinated whole prawns

 Braised beef cheeks/ slow roasted corn cheese/baby carrot/arugula quick-chi- 14

Riff on braised kalbi