We had a lovely lunch at L’Arome – we went with the cheapest menu of 1 entree and 1 plat.

Amuse: A small plate of sausage—along with a glass of champagne.



1st course:

Me—fine crème d’asperges vertes de Mallemort, chantilly a la truffe blanche d’ Alba…absolutely wonderful asparagus soup with chantilly cream made from white truffles. The truffle taste was intense and delicious.



John—marinier de coque de brest au kumbawa, jeunes poireaux creance—an excellent shell fish “soup” with cockles and leeks


2nd course:

Me – Pave de lieu jaune de ligne dore pommes de terre, ecrasees a l’huile d’ olive, tomatoes Pacchino pistoude riquette – The pollack was delicious and I adored the potatoes made with olive oil.



John—Cromesquis de joue de boeuf brazed, carrots de chez Joel Thiebault, emulsion de wasabi—basically a croquette filled with braised beef cheeks with added punch from the wasabi. Excellent.





Just some stuff in ½ carafe nice but nothing special.


L’Arome was a perfect first taste in Paris—contemporary cuisine and décor with very nice service. It was a very busy restaurant with all tables filled by 12:45…it is fun to feel the Paris action.



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