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Providence is our go to restaurant for a fine dining meal. From the fine cuisine to the gracious service, this is a wonderful experience. Personally, it is our favorite restaurant in Los Angeles.

Amuse #1

From left to right – Greyhound Vodka and grapefruit, Gin and Tonic and Mojito – we have had this before but it is an excellent way to start a meal at Providence – whimsical, refreshing and fun.

Close-up of Greyhound

Close-up of Gin and Tonic
Close-up of Mojito

Amuse #2

From left to right – house-cured Tasmanian trout salad with small brown rice “crackers” that resembled puffed rice, goat cheese wrapped in pickled hearts of palm and topped with chopped pistachios, and a mug of warm saffron syrup on the bottom and cold fennel soup on top to be taken in one gulp – delicious with the nod going to the trout.

Close-up of fennel soup

Close- up of Goat Cheese


Close-up of trout


First Course – Scallop Sashimi

On one scallop slice was compressed cucumber and oscetra caviar and on the other the cucumber, caviar topped by a sour grass blossom. In the middle was a strip of wasabi cream. Just returning from France and having numerous scallop dishes, this version was definitely the equal of those in France.

Second Course – Monkfish Liver terrine.

Underneath the monkfish liver was pickled watermelon radish. To the left were shitake mushrooms and on top of the liver a shitake mushroom and cherry blossom. Then our server poured a bit of soy consomme into the dish. An excellent course.

Third Course – Uni 3 ways

Chef Michael is well aware of my love for uni and this trio was stupendous. Of course, I am going to have to try to that hollowed out egg ‘trick.” The uni was absolutely top-notch quality.

1. In a hollowed out egg, uni almond elmusion to be drunk through a straw

2. Uni with soft scrambled eggs with chives

3. Uni egg custard


Close-up of uni with almond emulsion

Close-up of uni with scrambled eggs

close-up of the uni custard

Fourth Course – Abalone

The abalone had been cooked at 110 degrees for 7 hours in a sea bath. It was served with tiny fava beans, seaweed and Meyer lemon. The abalone was melt in your mouth tender plus a wonderful nod to spring with the favas.


Fifth Course -Salmon Belly

The salmon belly was cooked a la plancha with very crispy skin. In the middle of the plate was braised rhubard with liquid gel, to the left morel mushrooms, smoked spring onion at the top of the plate, and on the far left sour grass and micros lettuce. Absolutely delicious.

Sixth Course – Foie Gras

Sauteed Foie Gras with chive blossoms, Porcini Mushrooms, White Asparagus and Aged Balsamic – John started to be attacked by some intestinal problems at this point so he was slowly disintegrating in front of my eyes.

Seventh course – Wagyu

A5 Wagyu with Shimeji mushrooms, Peas, Vadouvan Spiced Foam and Jus de beouf – John forgot to take a picture and as I mentioned above, I was losing him. These are pictures of the leftovers that we took home. My personal preference is for the fish courses at Providence.

We were suppose to have cheese and dessert, but we were forced to call a halt to an excellent meal due to John’s health issues.

Providence is head and shoulders above any restaurant in Los Angeles so it is definitely qualifies as our favorite restaurant.