I  am basically going to let the photos tell the story re the food. My husband did an extensive review of the wines we had and so the main focus of this post will be mostly about our wines we brought.

2008 Launois Champagne—consistently excellent. It drinks very straight forward and clean. Not as much bubble fix as some champagnes. It was an excellent start. It was especially good with the uni spring roll.

1. uni spring roll

Uni Spring Roll



Order of tasting:
Drew (sommelier) tasted both the Lopez Heredia and the Lizette so he could recommend which white to have first. He suggested the Lopez to go with the scallop and sword squid dish. The Lopez Heredia showed very well. It was the 2003.

3. scallop and nasturtium

Scallop  and nasturtium

4.sword squid & daikon radish

Sword squid and daikon radish

2014 BOSCOE Wine Co. Lizette—this wine shows beautifully. Nose very clean and solid. The flavor is real grenache blanc solid, no bite on the finish. An absolutely fine wine to be enjoyed with special dishes like the spot prawn and the porcini.

5.sanata barbara spot prawn, jimmy nardelo peppers, cilantro

Santa Barbara Spot prawn, jimmy nardelo peppers, cilantro- an outstanding dish

6.grilled porcini summer greens, black winter truffle

Grilled porcini, summer greens, black winter truffles

1995 KenWright Pinot Noir, Carter Vineyard. This is an absolutely outstanding wine. The well aged pinto shows very clearly. The nose is beautiful. It doesn’t jump out of the glass, but it is assertive. The flavor is raspberry/blackberry and very full. The finish is absolutely clean and long lasting.

7.king salmon, miso mustard, apricot, pork belly

King Salmon, miso mustard, apricot, pork belly

8.a5wagyu, shunkyo radish, spring onion, bone marrow

a5 wagyu, shunkyo radish, spring onion, bone marrow

1991 Ridge Zinfandel Essence—I was looking forward to tasting this as I haven’t had it in years. Drew suggested the chocolate dessert in lieu of the chamomile hone, pistachio, dijon mustard. The Essence was lighter than I remembered. It is not as dense as I thought it would be. Ridge only makes it in years when they get superior maturity on some of their Zin grapes. I’m not sure which vineyard these grapes came from. It is worth having now and then.

9.mcgrath strawberries

mcgrath strawberries

10.chocolate surprise

Chocolate dessert

11.petits four

Petit fours

Providence is definitely the best restaurant in LA. The creativity and care are second to none. The service was absolutely perfect. It is great fun to dig out special
wine to pair with Providence food. We are very fortunate that we can get to this wonderful restaurant a few times a year. We wish it were closer to home. How about a branch in Brentwood, Michael!!










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