Hard to believe that it has been almost five years since we have eaten at Jose Andres’ Bazaar. We tend to order our favorites as we know the kitchen will do them right. Jose Andres doesn’t have to be there to deliver a great meal – he has trained his kitchen staff to be extraordinary. This is not a restaurant that is an outpost restaurant with an absent chef – this is a well-oiled “machine” that delivers excellent well-executed food.

I will do the wines first:

B- Krrug

BYO Krug to start

B- Chablis

Then Chablis

B- first wine

Final BYO Wine

B- cottton candy

Cotton Candy Foie Gras – the cold foie gras terrine is rolled in corn nuts then encased in the sweet cotton candy – thank goodness foie gras is back in California – a wonderful beginning.

B- tortilla

Tortilla de Patatas “New Way” – warm potato foam, caramelized onion with a slow cooked egg 63 and topped with chives and crispy small dice of croutons – I did miss the hollowed out “egg presentation” but the taste was perfect

B- caviar

American Caviar Blini – Crème fraîche, steamed buns, caviar and topped with lemon air – a one bite wonder

B- taco

Japanese taco – BBQ eel, shiso leaf, cucumber, wasabi, chicharron – The cucumber functioned as the wrapper and the eel was sushi bar spectacular. The chicharron (the skin of the pork)  were deep fried and served as the crunchy topping for the eel.

B- shrimp

Sautéed shrimp, garlic, guindilla pepper, parsley puree – perfectly cooked shrimp with perfect saucing – we inhaled this dish and then immediately asked for bread to sop up the sauce

B- croquetos

Croquetas de pollo – Chicken and béchamel fritters – an old favorite

B- Philly

“Philly Cheesesteak”- air bread filled with oozing cheddar cheese and topped with Wagyu Beef – I just love this dish and make it a point to order it every single time.

B- Ham

Acorn-fed, free-range Ibérico ham —- Jamon Iberica de Bellota Fermin – – this ham is extraordinary and worth the extravagance. It is served with Catalan style toasted La Brea baguette with tomato –

Bazaar is fun – not fine dining but good food. We like going early before the “crush.”


1 Response to “Bazaar”

  1. 1 Marc DiBiaso May 1, 2015 at 1:39 pm

    It’s great to see foie gras in LA again but even better to see Lizzie blogging again! Miss you.

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