Vin Bar/Valentino

I have written about Vin Bar/Valentino numerous times. I think it is the best Italian restaurant in Los Angeles. Chef Nico is so talented and there is no better restauranteur than Piero. We never look at a menu – we just let Nico cook and Piero chooses the wine.

V_ Champane

Champagne to start

V - Croquette

Croquette filled with spinach sitting in a pool of parmesan fondue – delicious

V- Lobsteer Crudo

Lobster crudo that had been marinated in anchovies on a bed of fresh orange topped with thinly sliced onion sprouts – another absolute winner

V- white wine

White wine

Now Piero and I got into a discussion about white truffles. I mentioned that so many of the truffles we have had in restaurants are poor quality and taste like cardboard. Piero asked if we wanted to see his alba white truffles.

V- Piero with trruffles

Piero and Chef Nico with the truffles – top notch quality!

V- close-uup of truffles

Close-up of the beautiful truffles – of course we asked for a course that would include truffles

V- Monkfish

Peppered Monkfish and butternut pistachio soup – an inspired combination executed to perfection

V- Red Wine

Red Wine

V- Totellini

Tortellini stuffed with veal brain that had been sautéed in butter topped with a generous amount of Alba white truffles – finally truffles that tasted like truffles

V- chicken

This is NOT Chef Nico’s plating. My husband forgot to take a picture and this was our take-out portion -we were getting full so this is what we took home. Chicken stuffed with sausage, chestnuts and porcini mushrooms sitting on a bed of risotto parmesan with shaved white Alba truffles – a nod to Thanksgiving and just stupendous.

We decided to forgo cheese and dessert.

This was a perfect meal served beautifully, executed with precision accompanied by terrific wines. What more can one ask for?



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