Connie and Ted’s

Connie and Ted’s is by far the best new restaurant in Los Angeles. The seafood like Providence, its fine dining counterpart, is the best in the city – absolutely spectacular. Michael Cimarusti and Donato Poto have given us a restaurant that is a casual restaurant with fine dining ingredients. In fact every ingredient is the best of the best. Sam Baxter, executive chef is absolutely terrific. His resume is as impressive as his deft handling of seafood. Sam was chef de cuisine at Providence and Michael Cimarusti wisely chose him to be executive chef at Connie and Ted’s. Also I must say that service is terrific under Matthew De Marte – General Manager.

Connie - Sam

The wonderful Sam

We decided to just let Sam compose our meal keeping in mind that our last course would be a steamed lobster – just had to try it!

Connie - placemat

Connie and Ted’s drink placemat

Connie - champagne

BYO Champagne

Connie - oysters

Sam chose our oyster selection – Kiwi Cup, Fisher Island and Sweet Petite. It is served with Horseradish and Mignonette Sauce and if you ask Cocktail sauce. My husband uses cocktail sauce but I just slurp each oyster “naked.” Who needs sauce when you get this quality of oysters?

Connie- tartare use

Connie- taratre 2

Prawn tartare topped with prawn roe and on the side fried prawn heads – the best way to eat this was to put the tartare on the fried heads – this was not only delicious but so inventive – A+

Connie - 1st white wine

BYO White Wine

Connie- shrimp toast

Shrimp and Scallop Toast with a Lobster Tomalley sauce – WOWIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You dip the “toast” in the sauce and honestly you are in seafood heaven. Another A+

Connie- baked clams

Baked Clams with herb oil and bread crumbs – again sourcing is the key plus a deft hand with seafood – Sam and his team do both!

At this point Sam asked if I wanted a little order of fried clams with the bellies – how could I say no?

Connie - clams with the bellies

Fried Clams with the bellies

Connie - 2nd white wine

BYO White Wine

Connie - rolls

Parker House Rolls – superb

Connie- tomato salad better

Tomato Salad – fresh, light handled with precision

Now it is lobster time. Sam knew in advance that I don’t eat the claws or the tail. I want the belly and I planned on eating every drop.

Connie- lobster with claws

My husband’s claws and tail served with drawn butter

Connie- lobster with roe

My belly with an obscene amount of lobster roe

Connie- lobster waste

I sucked every tentacle and there was not one drop left in the belly – that is how you eat a lobster!

This was a spectacular meal and I can’t wait to go back. This should be a must restaurant on everyone’s list.


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