I have posted many times about Urasawa and each time we go it is as perfect as always. Urasawa is an experience; it is so much more than just the food. The ambiance, the service, the ever gracious Hiro, the exceptional quality of the ingredients, the emphasis on seasonality all make Urasawa unique and worth every penny. My Japanese is non-existent so I might make some mistakes as to the exact Japanese terms. Each dish was an A level dish! As usual we brought our own wine.

U - Hiro

The wonderful Hiro

U - ambience

The lovely flower arrangement

U - Champagne

BYO Champagne

U - Shiro toro

Shiro toro, monkfish liver, shiso, scallion wrapped with turnip, sauce of ponzu with radish and chive water

U - soy milk

Soy milk skin, Hokkaido Uni, 23 carat gold leaf, wasabi, bonito flavored sauce mixed with kudzu, sweet sake and mirin

U - Winter:Spring veggies

Winter/Spring Vegetables Kyoto style – black bean, red pepper, bamboo,lotus stem, lillybud, mountain root, water chestnuts, herring roe, sea cucumber intestine

U - Silex

BYO White Wine

U - sashimi

Sashimi – red snapper marinated with seaweed. Inside was Santa Barbara uni, shiso leaf and Myoga. On the side was daikon, nori, red cabbage, red pickles, wasabi

U - beef tartare

U - beef tartare close-up

Tochigi Beef tartar, Russian Caviar, Bell Pepper on the  side to be eaten as a chaser to the tartar

U - tempura

Hasami Age- tempura sandwich with bamboo and shrimp paste

U - Hoba leaf

Hoba Yaki – on a giant Hoba leaf was Miyazaki Wagyu beef, shrimp and scallop. This sat on top of a puree of Kyoto miso sauce that is made by mixing egg yolk with miso, sweet sake, regular sake, sugar and soy sauce. The dish was being lightly roasted in the Hoba leaf for a couple of minutes over the coals on the brazier.

U- beef for Shabu

Beef for the Shabu Shabu

U - foie cooking for Shabu

Foie cooking in Shabu Shabu

U - Shabu broth

Shabu Shabu broth. John forgot to take an actual picture of the full Shabu Shabu plate. Foie Gras, the beef and red snapper were the ingredients to be added to the broth. It cooks in the broth and eaten when done. The broth is then consumed as a separate course.

U - Corton

BYO Red Wine

Now sushi – my notes aren’t very good so please forgive any inaccuracies.

U - toro


U - fish collar toro

Fish Collar Toro

U - Spanish Yuku

Spanish Mackerel

U - Red Snapper

Red Snapper from Southern Japan

U - Shitake


U - blie fin

Blue fin

U- skip jack

Skip Jack

U - mirugai


U - abalone

Giant Clam

U - not sure again 1


U - not sure again

Not sure

U - not sure again 1

More toro

U - toro roll

Toro Roll

U - uni better


U - eel


U - dessert


An absolutely wonderful meal!!!!!  A++++


1 Response to “Urasawa”

  1. 1 Joel March 31, 2013 at 12:28 pm

    One day we will eat there together. I hope you enjoyed this wonderful meal.



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