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Milo and Olive

Note:  Jason has left Milo and Olive and we don’t go anymore.

If it’s Thursday we will be at Milo and Olive. We love going – the staff treats us like family and it becomes one big party. Chef Jason is beyond terrific; he is a wonder and every dish is exquisite with regards to seasonality with A+ ingredients, sensational seasoning, exact execution and inventiveness. We never know what Jason has in mind for us and that is half the fun. We just let him cook and we have the pleasure of just reveling in one exciting dish after another. We bring our own wine and share with everyone.

Milo - Jason

The wonderful Jason

Milo - lexi

On the right GM Katie and on the left server Lexi – Both are A+ at everything

Milo champagne

Champagne to start

Milo - tartare

Albacore tuna and cured salmon tartare, curry creme fraiche, English peas, watermelon radish with a sauce of lemon marmalade- this was absolutely stellar. The fish was pristine, the seasoning wondrous and the lemon marmalade outstanding – we didn’t leave a drop!

Milo beets

Roasted Golden Beets, Blood Orange, Hummus, Pistachio Aillade, Ricotta Salata, Arugula – Aillade is the name used in southern France for a garlic based vinaigrette. The hummus was a combination of chick peas, tahini, cumin, raw garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. The golden beets reminded me of a Hershey Kiss with a tail – in looks only! This was a wondrous combination of taste and texture.

Milo - Etoile wine

Etoile Rose

Milo tart

A savory crostata (tart) of Swiss chard, ricotta, Nueske’s bacon and raisins surrounded by a sauté of swiss chard, bacon, cauliflower, pine nuts, capers and pulverized anchovies with splashes of 12 year old balsamic vinegar – another winner

Milo - proscuitto

Goia Farm Burrata, American proscuitto, Brussel sprouts, Marcona almonds, Bagna Cauda – Jason is a master at putting seemingly diverse ingredients together into a delicious, perfectly structured whole

Milo - white wine

White wine

Milo - eggs and toast

This was off the charts superb! Crimini, Oyster, Honshemeji Sauteed Mushrooms on Toasted Brioche, Poached Farm Egg, Shaved Black Winter Truffles, Mustard Vinaigrette – it doesn’t get any better than this.

Milo - red wine

Red Wine

Milo - last dish

Pork Cheeks, Pork Cheek Confit, Stewed Lentils (French lentils with rice, piquillo peppers, cumin), Shallot, Arugula – a perfect ending to a perfect meal

I have said this before but I need to say it again. Milo and Olive is a fine dining restaurant in a casual setting. Headed by the talented and creative Chef Jason this is great food with an equally gracious front of the house staff. Highly recommended.



We have been going to Chinois for years. What is amazing about Chinois is its consistency – the staff has been there for years and with Chef Rene Mata at the helm the food is consistently excellent. The wait staff has also been there for years and service is always A+.

Chinois - Tom and Huell

Tom and Hoel – absolutely terrific.

I have said this before but it needs repeating. We don’t treat this as a regular Chinese restaurant and order a whole bunch of dishes at one time. We order one dish at a time and split each order. We also bring our own wine and gladly share with the staff.

Chinois - champagne

Champagne to start

Chinois - tuna

A gift from Chef Mata – Tuna Tataki –  The tuna, served rare, was briefly seared in a hot dry wok with garlic and ginger and sat on a sauce of ponzu. On the side was a mixed green salad with plum dressing and topped with crispy onions. Delicious.

Chinois - oysters

Warm sweet curried oysters with cucumber sauce and salmon pearls – a Chinois signature dish and one of our favorites

Chinois - white wine

White Wine

Chinois - pork belly wrap

Moo Shu Shell with pork belly and julienne vegetables in a hoisin oolong tea sauce

Chinois - red wine

Red Wine

Chnois - quail

Crispy Glazed Quail with grilled pineapple – absolutely superb.

Chinois duck

Roasted Cantonese Duck with fresh plum sauce served with

Chinois - bao

A Steamed Bao filled with Stir Fried Vegetables  – the duck was roasted to perfection and the bao a nice addition

A wonderful meal at one of our all-time favorite places. Food to go is equally delicious. We ordered barbecued baby pork ribs with soy honey sauce, Chinois chicken salad, Duck Fried Rice and another order of Crispy Quail for next day’s football game fare. What a treat!