Bar Bouchon

Bar Bouchon has a new chef heading the kitchen – Patrick Rafferty who is originally from North Carolina. He is responsible for executing the delicious Ad Hoc fried chicken!

White wine from their list

Beausoleil and Fancy Sweet oysters from New Brunswick, Luna oysters from California and Hama Hama oysters from Washington State

All portions are 1/2 orders – we split everything – generous is an understatement.

oeuf poache aux lentils – ragout of duck confit, French green lentils, poached hen egg, root vegetables (rutabaga, carrots, turnips), jus from the confit and brioche crouton, jus from the confit acted as the sauce – this is one of my most favorite dishes at Bar Bouchon and a must have!!!!!!!

beautiful runny yolk!!!!!

BYO Red Wine

Shrimp and Grits with cherry tomatoes, lardons, tomato based sauce and a touch of paprika- terrific!

Gigot d’Agneau – roasted leg of lamb, toasted faro, rutabaga, cavolo nero and red wine poached quince with lamb jus – another winner!

What a wonderful restaurant.


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