Clio – Boston

On recent trips to Boston, we have found the Eliot Hotel a great location and very pleasant set up.

Nov. 7 your roving reporter wanted to “do dinner” with father-in-law [93] and brother-in-law and another charming guest.
Clio in the hotel seemed to be the perfect location, especially after spending all day traveling from LA through Detroit.
Jimmy, brother-in-law and I got together early. While enjoying a cocktail in Clio’s very nice lounge, we met Michael Brafman the GM. Mike is a real restaurant pro out of NY.   We had a great visit.  I explained the nature of our evening and he obviously took careful note, because he selected Jonathan as our waiter. Lots of patience and a clear understanding of the elderly resulted in a very pleasant evening.
The food was absolutely tops. The service was perfect. I will certainly make a point to catch up with Michael and enjoy Clio on up coming visits to Bean Town. Not all photos have complete descriptions as Liz, my official note-taker wasn’t with us.

Almond & Foie Gras Financier with quince jam and fennel foam – nice amuse from the chef.

Lobster & Uni Cassolette, parsnip foam, chili threads, fried shallots –  Absolutely superb…wonderful flavor. Reminded this reporter of a soup years ago at Le Bernadin…heavenly flavor. Wished Lizzie the Uni freak could have been here for this one.

Close-up of the uni soup

Squash Soup, pistachio croquet, balck truffle—very nice extra from the chef

Beet salad with????

Don’t have a clue!

Asiette of Porcelet (Cheek, Belly, Loin) Sparrow free cider, granola

Buttermilk Braised Chicken, Gnocchi

Jimmy’s main – he said great flavors, nice combination…the cous cous really added to the flavors.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening.


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