FarmShop – Brentwood

Finally after months of delay, FarmShop will be open for dinner starting Sept 16th. We were invited to a pre-opening dinner for family and friends. Let me state up front that Chef Jeffrey Cerciello, former culinary director of the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group, did a terrific job. I have loved Jeffrey’s food at Ad Hoc so I knew I would love his food at FarmShop. Michel Darmon, GM has assembled a first-rate FOH team and the room glowed with lovely candles.

As you enter there is a wooden farm table filled with a luscious array of fresh berries, gorgeous fruit, just-picked tomatoes and home-made preserves.

Jeffrey Cerciello in front of what will be the larder where fresh eggs, hobb’s bacon, market-fresh produce, wine plus artisan wares from edibles to tabletop items will be for sale.  I can’t wait!

Michel Darmon, GM

The room

Another view of the room

The open kitchen

There is an extensive speciality cocktail list based on wine and beer. Our choices:

Margarita – tequilla flavored soju, lime-lemon juice, organic agave and lime salt

Kir Royal – Gruet rose sparking wine and cassis de dijon

The approach is much like Ad Hoc in that only one menu is offered (last night it was 3 courses) served family-style. FarmShop plans to post their nightly menu on line so you can know in advance what is served.

I do applaud them for adding this to the bottom of the menu: “Cellphones, tweeting and e-mailing have been proven harmful to other diner’s appetites, please refrain.” Hooray for FarmShop!


Heirloom Tomato Salad – Black Zebra and Green Zebra Tomatoes, Reed Avocado, Pickled Red Onion, Surrey Arugula, Opal Basil and Fennel Pollen served with

House-made Ricotta and Pistachio Salsa Verde

Rustic Bakery Flat Bread Chips with Olive Oil and Sea Salt

This was an absolutely sensational first course – farm-fresh tomatoes, exceptional avocado slices, an addictive ricotta spread on equally addictive chips

Red Wine


Herbed Fried Chicken (Jeffrey, as of now, plans on Sunday being fried chicken night. He also has thoughts of doing fried chicken 3 different ways). I dream of the Ad Hoc chicken from the very first time I tasted it in Yountville and then when it was a special at Bouchon in Beverly Hills – for the record they are doing the Ad Hoc chicken at Bouchon on Monday Sept 19th from 5:30 to 9:30. Do go and taste the best fried chicken in the country. If you miss Bouchon’s special you can now get Jeffrey’s fried chicken at least once a week at FarmShop. It was served with

Sweet corn and peppers

Cabbage, fennel, cucumber and poppy seed slaw

I was so hoping Jeffrey would do the fried chicken for family and friends and I wasn’t disappointed. It was just as good as in my dreams. The sweet corn was a perfect compliment as was the slaw. Let’s just say I was one very happy camper.


Poached Peaches – Frog Hollow Farm Peaches, Lemon Curd and Oatmeal Cookies  – what a perfect ending to a wonderful meal.

I urge everyone to go to FarmShop and enjoy the freshest of the freshest produce done with the utmost respect for the ingredients. What a treat for families, couples young and old and just anyone who loves good food.


2 Responses to “FarmShop – Brentwood”

  1. 1 Oly September 17, 2011 at 11:12 am

    ‘Cellphones, email and tweeting’ but not cameras? I mean, I’m glad, because your photos are lovely and make your blog so appealing, but I do wonder at the difference.

    • 2 lizziee September 17, 2011 at 11:17 am

      I use a very small point and shoot camera. I also snap a photo fast – maybe one to two seconds at the most so it doesn’t interfere with the serving of the food or other diners. Most people aren’t even aware I’m taking pictures.

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