We were invited to a special event at Valentino – “An Evening with the Umbrian Wines of The Briziarelli Estate.”

“Umbria an up and coming wine region where the Sagrantino di Montefalco grape varietal is one of the most sought after gem of central Italy, and the wines of Briziarelli are an example of great wine making in this ever growing wine region.”

The evening began with passed appetizers – Salumi, Crostini with mushrooms and Crostini with Chicken Liver served with Soter Brut. (No photos)

We were then seated in the private dining room and saw a film that showed us the beautiful grounds of the Briziarelli Estate. Introductory remarks from the noted culinary journalist and gastronome Luigi Cremona and a son from the Briziarelli Estate set the tone for the evening. Notice the wonderful Piero Selvaggio on the right. The evening was hosted by Societa’ Agricola Briziarelli SRL.  “Societa’ Agricola Briziarelli has received a mark of excellency for its wine, and as a result has become a favorite of wine aficionados throughout Italy. Cantine Briziarelli’s next challenge is to bring its unique wines to the U.S. market.” Be sure to look for them!

Beef Carpaccio with Umbrian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Laurel, Olives, Parmesan, Proscuitto paired with

Rosso Mattone  2008

Rosso Mattone (Brick Red) wine  “is a tribute to clay. The grape varieties are a blend of Sangiovese (65%), Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot (20%) and Sargrantino (15%). The grapes are hand-harvested and charged in small boxes. (We were given lengthy descriptions of the fermentation and aging process for each wine that I won’t replicate here.) The wine is clear with a ruby red color. The nose has intense touches of blackberry, ripe cherry and a touch of cinnamon. On the palate, the wine is perfectly balanced, medium-bodied, soft and round with nice tannins.”

Tagliatelle with White Summer Truffles – Piero added this dish to the menu – he couldn’t resist not using the white truffles.

Artisanal Penne with a Variety of Sausages paired with

Uno Nove Zero Sei 2007

UnoNoveZeroSei is “named after the year that FBM was founded. This wine is a blend of Syrah (25%), Merlot (25%), Cabernet Sauvignon (25%) and Sagrantino (25%). Once again, the grapes are hand-harvested and charged in small boxes. Uno NoveZeroSei has an intense purple color, with an enticing nose of terroir, ripe fruit, camphor and a touch of cinnamon. In the mouth, the wine is rich and substantial, with a long, lingering finish.”

Wild Boar with Juniper Berry, Roasted Potatoes, Spinach, Garlic and Pepper paired with

Vitruvio 2007

Vitruvio, Sagrantino di Montefalco, DOCG wine’s name “is a tribute to the well-known Roman architect and writer who lived in the second half of the 1st century BC and was the most famous Architecture theoretician and one of the first to use clay for large constructions. The Sagrantino grapes are hand-harvested and charged in small boxes. Il Vitruvio has a dense ruby hue, and shows some intense notes of ripe and soft fruits, with a fresh hint of balsamic blackberry. Its structure is powerful but smooth, with a creamy, rich texture, and a long finish.”

Cheeses from the Region with its Traditional Condiments paired with the Vitruvio 2007.

Hazelnut-Chocolate Semifreddo with Caramelized Bananas – sorry for the blurry photo.

All in all, it was a lovely evening.

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  1. 1 Lorenza Vitali August 13, 2011 at 9:07 pm

    I wasn’t there but we organize similar dinner and lunch for Briziarelli Umbria Wines in New York: all the pictures will be on after tomorrow in and bye! Lorenza Vitali Cremona

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