Bar Bouchon

If you are looking for us on a late Saturday afternoon, 50% of the time we will be at Bar Bouchon.

Sancerre from their list

A gift from the chef – Vichyssoise

Oysters – Beausoleil, Misty Point, Umami, Shiny Sea, Fanny Bay and Luna – I like to slurp oysters right from the shell. Most places I wouldn’t dare do this as the shuckers tend to leave either tiny bits of shell, debris or anything but the pristine oyster. This is never a problem at Bouchon and you can slurp away.

Pate de Campagne – country style pate with watercress, cornichons and radishes – probably one of the best pates de Campagne in Los Angeles.

BYO Red Wine

Softly Scrambled Eggs with Summer truffles – Bouchon is so customer friendly – no request is too much. This wasn’t on the menu. I just asked if there were any truffles in the house – their response was yes and how would I like them used. Hospitality = A+

served with toasted Brioche

Thon poele – pan seared big eye tuna, pickled melon, Hass avocado, nicoise olives, fennel and a coriander ravigote. Two weeks ago, this was just added to the menu. The tuna was perfect and the broth and accompaniments were a revelation. This was a perfect balance of flavors, textures and just poetry in one bite. This dish could have been on a French Laundry menu – it was that well executed with finesse.

Now I am somewhat of a nut case. John was going out of town so I ordered the Poulet Roti to go – my tonight’s dinner at home! Even the way Bouchon packages “to go” orders is first rate.

The photos are before being cooked – just the packages done Bouchon style.

Roast Chicken

with a corn succotash

chicken jus

an extra side of red rice

Bouchon just gets better and better – what more can one ask for?


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