Urasawa was as perfect as always. It is so much more than just about the food – it is an experience that has no equal. The key to Urasawa’s culinary approach is seasonality – expect summer ingredients in summer! I am not going to do lengthy descriptions of each dish – mostly just ingredients, but I can say that not one dish was less than an A.

Hiro is the ultimate host – gracious and accommodating to everyone – first timers as well as regulars

The summer arrangement of flowers behind Hiro

John picked spectacular wines for the evening. They were served at the appropriate time during the meal – all were shared with Hiro.




Dessert Wine

Junsai, okra, mountain potato, pickled radish, wasabi – to be eaten in one sip

Scallop from Hokkaido stuffed with monkfish liver, plum sauce and topped with caviar

Soy bean skin, uni, bonito-flavored mirin sauce, gold leaf

Sashimi – toro from Spain, red snapper from Kumano and Kampachi from Toyama with daikon radish, leeks, carrots

Beef tartare (beef from the Mie prefecture), caviar and pickled radish – a one bite wonder

Sake is added to the pot and immediately you see hot steam escaping from the pot

Red Snapper steamed with sake, wrapped around uni, ebi (shrimp), shitake mushroom, squash on a shiso leaf. The sauce with this dish (not pictured) was ponzu with radish.

Bonito flavored Egg custard, soy milk skin, Shrimp, Squash, Ginko nuts, Italian summer truffles, Salmon eggs, Gold Leaf

Hamo Eel – about to be perpared

“It requires enormous skill to fillet and prepare hamo, a large, thick sea eel with a complex, meaty flavor. Hamo has thousands of fine bones that must be cut with a razor-like blade to make the meat edible.”


Shabu Shabu  – Hamo eel and foie gras is added to the broth – the foie is added first and allowed to simmer longer than the eel. Thank goodness your server does the timing and the “cooking.” Then the broth is eaten as a “soup.”

SUSHI – Hiro uses approximately 170 grains of rice per sushi piece.


Kama Toro


Spanish Mackerel

Red Snapper

Blue Fin Tuna


Shitake Mushroom

Santa Barbara Uni

O Toro

Toro Roll

Skip Jack

Small Henni Fish (I think)


Fresh Shrimp being prepared


Spanish Mackerel


Hiro described this as peach “jello” with a gogi berry on top

Sesame Ice Cream with white summer truffles topped by gold leaf

Green Tea

What a wonderful perfect evening.


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