At the last minute, we decided to have a quickie lunch at Takao. The best way to order is to just have the chef choose the freshest best fish of the day. Pictures were taken with an i-phone so picture quality is somewhat iffy.

Tuna sampler to be eaten from right to left – Blue Fin, Big Eye, Toro, “Light” tuna chopped topped with caviar

On the right Red Snapper, salt, yuzu paste and on the left Halibut, green onion, spicy daikon radish

Soft Shell Crab with green, yellow and red bell pepper, fried won ton strips

Kohada and Spanish Mackerel

Salmon Skin Roll

Salmon Eggs, quail egg and Uni, quail egg

This was a delicious last minute decision. A definite must if you are in the neighborhood.


2 Responses to “Takao”

  1. 1 Cynthia September 17, 2011 at 10:02 am

    Dear Liz,

    I have a few questions about Takao and hoping to get advice since you’re a veteran there. (I have a lunch date there this coming Monday.)

    I had gotten the sense from some of your reviews that the quality had gone down, and was under the impression that you no longer recommended it–yet now I see from your blog that you have been back pretty recently. So my first question is whether you are recommending it right now?

    The second question would be how to get the most out of the experience — I have only been there a few times before and the chef’s don’t know me or my tastes. I assume that we should sit at the bar as I can’t imagine getting things as customized to my tastes while sitting at a table. I don’t think that omakase is in the cards due to budget and the nature of this meeting, so that means ordering a la carte.

    I do know what kinds of tastes I like (like you I’m a big uni fan, also love truffle oil on my sushi/sashimi, shiso leaf, yuzu …) The last time I was at Takao they were out of uni so I didn’t get to try any. Also love tempura and I have had the (shrimp) tempura based on your recommendation but I haven’t had as good luck with it as you have–what I got there about 6 months ago didn’t look as good as the photos you have posted–it was not as crunchy/fluffy and was more heavy.

    So, if you have any recommendations that you would be willing to share for how to have the best experience there possible, I’d appreciate it. For example, should I make a reservation for two seats at the bar? Should I try to get Takao as the chef or is this not necessary?

    Just another comment–I enjoy your blog very much–you make me salivate!



    • 2 lizziee September 17, 2011 at 11:36 am

      Cynthia – you are right that Takao is now back on our list of good sushi places. Takao doesn’t work Monday lunch, but Akiri is excellent and always picks the freshest fish for us. I would suggest sitting at the bar and ask if Akiri can be your sushi man. We haven’t been doing Omakase – normally do sushi – one order for the two of us so we each get one piece. Just let him know your favorites and he is more than accommodating. You can always start with some sashimi. We never look at a menu – just let Akiri choose for us. We haven’t been having tempura as soft shells have been in season and one fried dish is enough for us. Hope that helps.

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