Bar Bouchon

The best place to be at 3:30 in the afternoon is sitting on the patio at Bar Bouchon. The ambiance is perfect, the service from Alex is absolutely the best and the food is just delicious.

Wine from their list

Oysters – Kusshi and Kumamoto – perfectly shucked oysters that were just waiting to be slurped

BYO Red Wine

Soft Scrambled Eggs – in advance, we had requested the scrambled egg dish with black truffles as it was so good the last time we had this. What a treat and worth the extravagance

Italian Black Truffles from Modena being shaved on the scrambled eggs

The finished dish of eggs and truffles – An A+ dish

A lovely, buttery croissant that accompanied the scrambled eggs

Truite aux amandes – pan-roasted trout with haricot verts, almonds and beurre noisette – no bells and whistles, no foams, no extraneous ingredients – just perfectly executed trout with a classical saucing. There is one word I often use describing a “Thomas Keller establishment” meal and that is perfect.

Roast Chicken with spring nettle greens, riz rouge, Michigan sour cherries, bacon lardons and chicken jus – the chicken was moist with crispy skin and the riz rouge was unbelievably delicious. This is a half portion! I was getting full and had them pack this up “to go.” It was equally delicious the next day – reheat the chicken in the oven and briefly microwave the riz rouge with chicken jus.

A lovely meal and one I would have again in a heartbeat.


1 Response to “Bar Bouchon”

  1. 1 norm April 11, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    Wow! Is there ever enough truffle… this might be the case 🙂

    You guys went light on the wine I see. Too used to seeing multiple bottles!

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